Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway & a Humungo Discount

Silhouette Giveaway & a Humungo Discount
Man would I love to win one of these!
If you won one what would you make with it?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did you go out on BF?

Hi Everyone!
 So the question I have been asked a lot today by friends is if I ventured out on Black Firday or not and well the answer to that question would be....
 LOL I am one of those crazy people that love black friday and I love the 'hunt' for those awesome deals and bargains.
 This year ( like every other year ) I went on the hunt with some great friends, between the three of us we were able to get pretty much everything that we were wanted there were a couple of things that we were unable to get but that was because the store didn't have it in stock. 
Did you venture out on Black Friday? Or did you stay home and have left overs?
I also got the wonderful chance to shoot an amazing and fun family on Black Friday, they were a lot of fun and I was honored to be their photographer.
 for those of you that are photographers out there - here is a great giveaway going on now over at ...
paint the moon go check it out.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wow was the last time I posted really November 15?! Holy Moly!
Well first off-
 I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love watching my hubby- YES, MY HUBBY deep fry the turkey and cook the rest of dinner for all of us. I bake the pies the night before and do as much prep work as I can. It's the cleaning the house that I don't like! LOL But it has to be done right? Well my Hubby says so anyways! LOL
This year on Turkey day also happens to be my baby sisters Birthday!! She is turning 23 this year. I am so proud of her and who she has become. I know Mom would be proud of her too. So a big huge HAPPY Birthday to her!!!

This year we are hosting friends at our home and we are excited to have them here with us. I wish we had room for many many more! Once we build our dream home Look out! It's going to be a party! I will be inviting everyone in town! lol but shhhh don't tell my hubby he is always the one cooking and he may not be to thrilled with that!

As with the keeping of the day, these are some of the things that I am thankful for:

  1. My faith in God, because with out him I am nothing and never will be. For it is through his grace, love, and forgivness that I am here.
  2. My family, both those that live with me in my home and those that do not, with out the love and forgivness of my loved ones through out the years I would not be the woman that I am today- flawed but very loved.
  3. That I have a place to call a home, not just a house. For the love that flows through here each and everyday and I am thankful to be a part of it.
  4. For my clients! I am just starting out and I am thankful to those that have given me the honor of shooting their families and events
  5. My horse! Of COURSE! LOL With out Fanci my life would have been such a mess, there were many moments in my life growing up that I spent in the barn just talking to her trying to figure out life as a teenager.
  6. For my friends near and far, there are many people that have come and gone through out my life and each one has heloed to make me the person that I am today. But I am most thankful for those friends that have been with me though-out the years and have stuck by me through thick and thin.
  7. For my new friends, I am not always the eaisest person in the world, I forget everything and have to be told a million time before I remember anything, but thank you for hanging in there with me!
For these are just some of the things that I am thankful for, there are so many others but time is tight and there is just to many to list. I have been very blessed in my life and if I was to be called away 'home' today I could go happy.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hi everyone!! *quick update*

Hey everyone!
I know it's  been a while since I have last posted but a lot has been going on here! I have new photos up on my facebook page you can link to it here if you have a facebook page I would love to have you as a 'like' on the page! Let me know that you are there from here! :-)
My hubby had to have another sugery but is doing great. He will be back up on his feet again in no time I am sure of it!
It's getting cold here- not my favorite thing of all time but I guess it has to get cold in order for it to get warm again. It also means that it is time to break out the winter boots which I totaly adore! I love love love boots but it's just to warm in the summer to wear them I don't like sweaty feet! - But then again who really does right? ICK!
And is there anyone else out there that the moment it starts to get cold you start craving  sweets? I always wonder why I can't lose weight LOL! It might just have something to do with my sweet tooth.  At the moment I could totaly go for a case of brownies!
There really isn't anything new besides hubby and his medical 'things' The house is a mess like normal, I have to cook now that hubby is on crutches again, and we are gearing up for the holiday season, that pretty much wraps it up! LOL Man I lead a borning life!  But I guess better then being drama filled.
So what is new in your household?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cards cards cards!! Needing cute Christmas cards????

Looking to buy some extremely cute cards for this holiday season? I have just the place to buy them from! ....

Shutterfly !!
{ Click Here to go to there page }

They have tons and tons of awesome holiday cards to browse through until you can find that perfect one for you and your family. And I pretty much guarantee that you are going to fall in love this more then one style and if you are anything like me then you just might have to buy both!!

I personally love the Thanksgiving cards { You can find them here }
They have everything you can think of- from Christmas to Thanksgiving
Just are just some of the things they offer on there site:



  • Photo Books  
  • Cards & Stationery  
  • Prints
  • Calendars
  • Photo Gifts  
  • Home D├ęcor

This is one of the better sites that I have found for anything that has to do with photos. As a blossoming photographer this site is one that I recommend to my clients when they are looking for gifts or just for something for their own home.

This is also a site that I use my self- the age old theory- if it's good enough for you then it's good enough for me! =)

Here is the link so that you can upload your photos { Here }

And want to hear something else that is just amazing, awesome, and spectacular???



Bloggers get 50 free cards from Shutterfly, click here and find out how!!.....


So the question to ask is-
Where are you going to get your cards from??

I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU....

I want to send out the biggest hugest THANK-YOU to Chevy cars. I was lucky enough and honored to be selected to do an amazing blog review on the new Chevy Mabliu for a month. I was going to get to drive the car around and then blog about it, for the month that I was driving it. I was sooooooooo super excited - beyond words to be honored to drive and write the review, but do to some family issues I had to turn down the review. BUUUUT keep an eye out there are two other lovey young ladies who are also doing the review for Chevy here in the El Paso, Texas area. When I can get their blogging information I will post it here so we all can watch and keep up with the month long review.

I want to also send out a bug huge thank you to Holly over at Business 2 Blogger for setting me up with Chevy to even do the review in the first place, thank you Holly for thinking of me when offering blogger's names to Chevy.

This has been a HUGE honor to even be giving the chance to do this review. And I want to thank everyone involved for the amazing blogging opportunity!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Firefighter to Teacher Proposal - FOREST popped the question!!!

This is a VERY awesome moment for us, this is a VERRRRY good friend of ours and we are over the top happy for him. We wish them the best of the best in all that they do! We can hardly wait until the wedding! I am doing a Happy dance for you guys!!!! a big HUUGGGGGGE CONGRATS from us!!!!!!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Saturday night...what are you avoiding?

Well folks, it's Saturday night and here I am.... not a single thing I WANT to do! LOL Oh, there are lots that I Could be doing, like cleaning the mess of things up in the living room, or washing that huge stack of dirty dishes in the sink, doing laundry, even getting things put together for church tomorrow... but instead what I am doing? I'm sitting here goofing off on-line and fighting with my new phone- which by the way is winning the fight. Mike is in the living room on the other computer watching some show something about stargate or what not, I wasn't really listening, LOL
The kids are in bed, and my thoughts are wondering off, I want to get out this week and take pictures of them in their costumes, which we bought tonight at Party City. I swear that every year costumes cost more and more! Think about people! Your kids wear them for just ONE night a year!! And here I was paying 49.00 for the 2 of them, and I didn't even allow them to get "the good ones!" I feel like such a sucker! lol Goodness how do people afford the costumes with the "works"? goodness they either have GREAT jobs or that is a big bill on the CC later that month! LOL I feel like I should start saving up now for next year! I better learn to sew!! And who ever thought of having all of these holidays so close together? I need a break- a money break! LOL I am sooo very thankful that I only have 2 kids to buy for, more would always be a blessing, kids always are, but I don't think our pocket books could handle it!
Well I better get off of here if I ever want to have anything clean to wear to church tomrow!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey everyone! Please come vote!!

Hi Everyone!
 Sorry that is has been a short bit since I posted last, we have had some sick kiddos in the house! So now that we are all feeling better { for the most part!} I have a slight favor to ask of all of you! could you please go here: America's Top Photography and vote for my pictures? under my pictures { there are 2 of them} my name will be listed { it just says Erica} I would REALLLLLLLLLLY love to win for this next week! one is titled "Sun Rise Lillies" and the other " Hand in Hand- Sibling Love"
 On to other news I am spending the weekend doing much of nothing, I have just a moment or two of shopping to get done and then we are starting to make Christmas lists around here. I have bought some of the Christmas gifts, it's not very much and there are still a few to buy! Besides, what fun is Christmas shopping if you don't have the list of a 4 year old and a 9 year old to go off of? :)
I do how ever need to start buying winter clothes for those kids of mine, I can't believe how much they have both grown since last winter!! Both of them need just about new everything! Phew! I better win the lotto or something soon! Well I guess I better start playing it first! LOL
We are going out next week and doing fall pictures { just the kids} and I am excited, there is this realllly awesome train here { just sitting at a store!} and I am going to see if we can use it in the shoot, it looks all rusted and vintage.... how cool would that be? So much fun!
 Well, it's getting late so I better wrap this post up!
 Please remember to go vote and please pass the link along to your friends to vote!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall... is it really here?

Fall is HERE!!!!!!!
 I never thought that I would be so happy about those words. While growing up when asked when my favorite time of year was I always answered summer, there was never even a second thought to it.... it was Summer- period.
Well now that I am a little older ( JUST a little gosh darn it! LOL) I am totaly falling in love with Fall, the color changes, the crunch of the leaves under my boots, the rain, and of course the start of the holiday photo season! I plan on taking my 2 kiddos out very soon to take their Fall/Christmas pictures. I have been day dreaming all week about where I want to take them and how I want them to look. But in all honestly I am going to get them goofing off I always do, but thats okay we always have fun and when I get them done I promise to post them for everyone. If you haven't headed over to my facebook page yet, I would love to have you as a "like" over there you can find it through this link HERE
I wish I had more time to write more tonight but it's late and well there are kids to take care of come morning!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homeschooling, photography, and fun...

I know that I haven't been here to update in a while and I am very sorry about that. Things have been going well for me and the family here. Homeschooling is going well for Melessa, she has been getting a days worth of work done in 4 hours or less, which is great for us! That then leaves us the extra time to do fun things like go to the park and play group meet ups! I have taken on the daily baby sitting duties for a friend's family, so here is what most of my days look like now:
 I have to get up at 4 am ( yes, really!) and I am out the door by 415/430 and on the way to their house ( yes, I pick them up every weekday) then it's time to clean her house a little get her babies up ( and they are sooo sweet) and head home to start school with Melessa. I get home about 9 some times 930 we start school then, if she hasn't started with out me! we do school work until about 10/1030 and then take a break for brunch ( that would be because I am starving! ha ha) then head back to work until about 1230 or so then it's lunch time. by 1/130 she is pretty much finished with the day and we then have the daily fight over her needing to clean her room ( I swear one day I'm just going to lose it and hide it all!!) and then she has free time to do what ever she wishes! Then dinner and I take the babies home ( yes, I really drive them back every day too!)  I get back home and try TRRRRRRRRY to stay awake long enough to get some editing done on my photos and watch 'my' tv shows but lately i have gotten a LITTLE bit of editing down and fallen asleep while trying to watch 'my' tv shows! I have forgotten how sooo very tiring it was to have babies in the house!
That is pretty much my life at the moment!!  And shoved in there some where is my photography! LOL I have been LOVING every single moment of it too by the way! I am so glad that I took the plunge and started offering my services as a photographer. I have met some of the nicest people and it's all because of pictures! Who would have thought right?  If you would like to view the photography work that I have done please visit my site Here or my facebook page Here I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you as a "like" or "fan" my facebook page! It's always great to hear from everyone! 
 I wish I had more time to fill everyone in on details but honestly I'm tirrrrrrred!  and I am heading to bed!
 Good night everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend!
 p.s. Who is excited for the Fall weather that is headed this way??? WOOOO HOOO I am! Sweater weather here I come! It's my allllllll time favorite time of the year!!

Happy Blogging everyone!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm I crazy? Guess we will find out!

So I know that it has been a while but things here have been so crazy busy!!! With getting ready for the start of school, hubby still going to physical therphy 3x a week, and trying to start up in photography it has been busy busy around here!
I am loving 'doing' photography for others, I have always been in to photography- but just as a hobby and for my family. I don't know when I came up with the idea so step out and offer my services to other, but it has been on my mind for a long while now. And in all honesty I wasn't sure that I ever really would make the jump. It's scary for me, I don't want to end up looking like a fool and falling flat on my face! And I am not near what some photographers are {yet!} but I love every moment so far that I have spent shooting for others! I am hoping that as time goes on I will gain more and more in my skills and in my love {and of course a customer base!}.
 I have opened up a Facebook fan page for my photography it's listed under ELV Shots and I would love to have you come on over and "like" it!
 I would love to hear what is new and going on in everyone else lives....
So whats new with you and yours?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's that time again! Back to School time!

This year as we get ready for school and do our back to school shopping it's a lot differant then it has been in the last years- Kinder through 3rd grade. Instead of buying tons of new clothes, picking out a cool back pack, and finding shoes that can stand up to playground torture. We are buying loads of paper, a large chalk board, bookcases, cleaning off the desk, even a new computer.....

 WHY???? you ask......
Good question! Because this year my children are not going back to school.... "brick and mortor" {b&m} style. We are homeschooling, and when I say we I mean Both me and my husband. Since he is home until  Febuary or March he is going to take on the subjects of Math, some Sicence, and Art ( thank goodness he is a good artist!! I am HORRIBLE!!!). I am soo very thankful he is taking on this challange with me. I honestly don't know if I would be able to take it on by my self!

I am a little nervouse about my teaching skills and if I am going to be able to ' keep it together' or not. I want there to be a differance between "mom-mom" and "homeschool-mom" I want my children to understand that when it's time for school it's time for school no questions ask, get ready, sit down, and learn! I know it's not going to really work out like that but a mother can dream can't she?  I know that the days ahead are not by any means going to be simple, but it's a jump that Hubby and I feel needs to be taken.

The school that our Mimi want to the last half of the school year here in Texas was very and I stress VERY unimpressive. There were many many things that upset us over the course of the school year that were never 'taken care of.' And in all honestly we were made to feel that just because our daughter was scoring well on her year end tests and because the state gives them money for her being at school- THAT is the reason why they wanted her there. Not because her teacher wanted to teach and she had a love for it, and to top it all of 'they' made my daughter feel like the odd ball out with her blond hair and blue eyes. I know sounds weird being the add ball out looking like that, but honestly she is the ONLY student in her ENTIRE grade that did NOT have brown hair and brown eyes.

So this year we are taing on the task of homeschool- with a lot of help from Connections Academy{.com } CA has sent all of her books and even a computer for her to use for the school year { it is a free -public- school - and everything was sent free} we just pay to ship it back at the end of the year. Something well worth the cost for a year of great school.
I will be blogging through out the year about how we are doing and what we are doing....
Please keep us in your prayers!!
Happy blogging!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

DebsHere: Zevia Review & Giveaway!

passing on the link to a giveaway for everyone...

DebsHere: Zevia Review & Giveaway!: "Have you heard of Zevia Soda yet?? It is the new soda with Stevia and 0 Calories!! Stevia is an herb native to South and Central America, ..."


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Witness~ Written by: Josh McDowell... a review

The Witness written by Josh McDowell

 I have to start out by saying that when I was first had heard about this book I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have been reading a lot of Amish fiction and before that my reading 'taste' jumped around quite a bit. I always seem to come back to the thrilling 'spy' type of books.

 I was excited to open my mail box one afternoon to find The Witness sitting there waiting for me to curl up with.  This is the first Josh McDowell novel that I have had the wonderful opp to read { Yes, I plan on reading as much of 'him' as I can in the coming months}
Just to give you a taste of what the book is about: { taken from the website }

" From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into danger. Nurtured by a bitter past that equipped him with what he needed for his company to thrive, Marwan Accad never looks back.

Yet the way forward promises only uncertainty, and living each day is a lie in which corruption and greed play in the lives of man. For whose lie is he going through all of this? Even as Marwan races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, he must grapple with what is beyond his life, with what is eternal. This gripping story presents answers to the critics of Christianity and incorporates evidence for Christ, the reliability of Scripture, and the historical fact of the resurrection in a compelling format. "

 You can also read the first chapter here

 I like the way the Mr. McDowell writes. There is no "shoving' of the Christain faith in this book, although it does make you think about things~ how you may be living your life, what is going on it in it, why you have or have not taken up a walk with Christ. Or at least it did with me!

This is such a gripping book. Once I picked it up I was hardly able to place it down again! I am a fast reader so I was able to read this in about 3-4 days, but then again it could be because I was pretty much reading this book around the clock! I just had to know what was going to happen next!

In this tale of murder and mayham Marwan Accad is forced to go on the run, not just a hide out for a weekend type of thing. But on the run for everything he and his brother have worked for and for his very life it's self. Along the way he meets a girl, and just like life is things start to grow between them. Problem is... does he give up the girl and deal with a broken heart and keep running? Or does he stay and put her and everything he has worked for on the line and in the line of fire....? Time is running out and the his pursuers are closing in on him, way to close for his liking. Can he get to the bottom of the whole thing? Can he find out why they want him dead with out it being his last wish? Can he find it all out before time runs out for him and they catch up....? And with all this going on he is also trying to come to grips with his faith!

Read this amazing novel to find out how everything ends up. I proimise you will love every thrilling, nail bitting, twisting moment you encounter. I sure did! This is a novel that I will be reading again. And for me that is a big deal! There are hundards of books that I have sat down and  been lost in cover to cover but not many that I will re-read. Once I know the story reading it a second time just isn't all that wonderful to me, but Josh McDowell's The Witness is one that I promise I will be picking up again and re-reading all over... it's just that good!

Here is also a video on the book:

*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.*

Happy Birthday to my baby...

Hey Everyone!!
It has been swamped here so I am way behind on the posting! I am soooo sorry!!
 :: hangs head in shame::
 Well I want to take a moment to say a BIG HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my not so little any more girl! I can't believe that she is 9 years old today!! She was soooooo excited when she got up this morning- 6 am I might add- holloring "happy birthday to me!!!" and waking Dad and Me up in the process. I can hardly believe that it's been this long already! There is no way that it was that long ago that I held her in my arms for the first time and looked in to those amazing blue eyes. We didn't have a party for her this year ( money is tight and no one really to invite- everyone is in another state!) so in the am we are taking her to the water park- Wet and Wild - and tonight we did cake and gifts. And a yummy cake it was if I say so my self! We made a triple chocolate two layer cake with chocolate pudding and fresh strawberries in the middle and instead of frosting we used whipped cream and piled on the fresh strawberries..... I am going to gain at least 15 pounds by the time we finish this cake! But like I said before it sure is YUMMMMMMMMY!!

I hope everyone is having a safe wonderful summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Winner of the Tupperware Giveaway is........

I want to start out Thanking EVERYONE that entered!! And for making this the biggest giveaway I have held yet! Now no more delays  because you reallllllly want to know if it's you are not don't- cha????....
Well, the winner is....
Maggie at Tethered Mommy!!!!!!  
Congrats on winning!

I will have another giveaway starting on Friday June 25, 2010!! I hope to see you all back here for that one too!
Again Maggie Congrats!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need storage?.. TUPPERWARE Giveaway!

If you are anything like me, then you NEVER have enough storage... for anything!

I have discovered some thing wonderful to help with that problem though... Tupperware! I have never had 'real' tupperware before but ever since I received the Super Cereal Storer I have been in love! I was asked to review one and then I received one to giveaway { woo hoo for one lucky person!}. The wonderful rep that sent me the set is Cecile Phillps. { You can visit her online store by clicking on her name}
This is what it looks like when I first got it out of the box:

Of course I opened a box of cereal right away and poured it in

This is a whole brand new 'big' box of cereal, the whole box fit with no problem!

We are having a HUGGGGGGE problems with ants at the moment, they seem to come out of every crack and tiny hole that we have in well anything- wall, base board, plug sockets etc.. you name it, it's happening! And keeping the ants out has become kind of like a bad game here.... well with the new cereal storer from tupperware I no longer have to worry about 'extra' anything in the cereal in the morning! Ever since I put our cereal in to the storer we have not had one single ant in it!! I am loving it!
The lid opening is nice and wide so even if you have more of a 'bulky' type cereal you shouldn't have any trouble pouring it out into your bowl. Something else that I have noticed is that the cereal seemed to stay fresh longer too, but this could be because my kids were more likely to close the lid on this then trying to close the box top on the box of cereal.

Okay now that I am done raving about how much I am now in love with Tupperware I'll get on to the giveaway... thats the real reason you are here right?? { it's okay I totaly understand!}

Here is what you MUST do to enter:
1} In order for ANY of your entries to count you must go to the online store by clicking here and leave me a comment telling me at least one other product or 'thing' you like or would want. [ must leave me your e-mail address in the comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner!]

2} 1 extra entery by 'like'ing me on facebook here - if you are already a 'fan' then just let me know! It still counts!

3} 1 extra entery by 'like'ing Cecile's facebook page here - if you are already a 'fan' just leave me a comment and let me know, it still counts!
4} Become a follower of this blog- again if you are a follower already just let me know!

5} If you book a tupperware party through Cecile- a 'in house' hosted party, online party, or catalog party to be hosted within the next 3 months you will get 15 extra entries!!- leave me a comment letting me know [ This will be verified through Cecile]

6} 3 extra entries by posting this giveaway on your blog, facebook page, twitter account etc.. just leave me a comment letting me know the link where I can find it. [If you post it on more then one site leave me a seperate comment with the link for each site. ]

Good luck to everyone that enters!
 This giveaway will end June 21,2010 at 010:00 ( 10:00 am)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bucket lists....

I do not personally have a 'bucket list' I feel that there are many great things that everyone should do, or go through in life, but if some of those things don't get done before heading in to the heavens, that by no means you have had a bad life. My mother passed away at the young age of 35. If there was one thing that she enjoyed and I think everyone should have one thier 'Bucket list' is to stand through and watch a desert rain storm...

That is what we have had going on tonight here in El Paso, Texas.. an awwwwwesome thunder/rain storm. We were invited this morning over to a friend's house across the street for smoked ribs and swimming, well with the temp being 105 by 1 pm ribs and swimming seemed like the perfect thing to do today. So at about 230/3 pm we headed across the street and half way across; it started to rain, not a down pour but HUGE slow falling 'sprinkling' rain, it was still hot outside so honestly no one really took notice. We then got across the street and sat down in the back yard the kids got into the pool and started splashing , having fun, and playing. With in mins. it started to hail... YES, I said hail! Only in the desert right? Where it goes from 105/107 to hailing with in a matter of moments!{The kids BTW stayed in the pool and just kept right on swimming!} It then started to rain pretty hard, so we all just sat out there under the patio and watched the rain and the kids play. Then the lighting and thunder started.... and what an awesome storm it has turned out to be! lighting up the sky with it's jagged streaks of white fire this way and that way, than comes the huge clap of thunder... BAM, BOOM.. it was so much fun... oh and the smell... the smell... mmmmmm there is nothing in the world that smells like rain in the desert, if there was a candle that was the same smell of rain in the desert, I promise it would be that company's best seller! The storm is still going on as I sit here and type this posting out, I have all thw windows open and loving every moment of it!
 Have you been out in the rain lately?....

They took a five finger discount.....

Today's posting may be a little short... like my temper..
On friday after my hubby had his first PT session for his knee, we went to Wal-mart. the need for food in the house was great! LOL We were starting to live on frozen left over even the cereal was all gone!
Well, we were in walmart for about 2.5 hours- yeah we needed that much! - and we we came back out to the truck and opened up the back to put all the food in we then discovered that someone had climbed up ON TO my truck { it's a F-350 on a 8 inch lift so it's not small by any means} opend up the back cover { we have a hard top bed cover on it, not to mention the fact that it's Heavy!} and stole all of my camping chairs, my stroller, and Morgan's T-ball bat out of the back of it! AAHHHHH it just makes me sooooooo stinking mad that some one would do something like that! I mean REALLY? Someone has some biiiig ones to climb up onto my truck and open it up to rob me blind! They are lucky I didn't walk out while it was happening, I live in the great state of Texas and there would have been a good chance I would have pulled the gun out and shot them... I mean my STROLLER!!!! I live out of that thing! I know that my son is a little old to be in a stroller, but when we go shopping he likes to ride instead of walk and about 99% of the time he ends up sleeping, which works out GREAT for me! and now... well money is tight as it is, so I'm not sure how I am going to get another stroller, but it's a MUST have at least for a little while longer...
I just want to SCREAM and then slap someone. If I see someone walking around Walmart with it in a week or two, you will know, I'll be blogging from jail... becuase I'll be beating them up in the middle of the store for my things back.....
Thanks for listening to me rant...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Veterans Day Military Tribute Video

Thank you to all those have have served and currently serving, there are no words that will ever be enough to express my thanks to you for everything that you have done and will do to keep my children, my family, my country, and my self~ safe and free. For all that you are ~ you are HEROS.

At 1500 ( 3:00 pm) local time please take a full 60 seconds of remembrace today for those who have given up everything so that our country may have what it has and for those families that were left behind. And please say a prayer for all...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surgery Pictures as Promised...

Sun rise at the Hospital

Here are the pictures as promised ...
 from the point of getting to the hospital to getting hubby home.  He is doing well, still in pain but that is to be expected. We are just so thankful that he is young and strong! We give great thanks to the Lord for all his strangth through out this while 'ordeal' and for the many months of recovery ahead.  Please keep the prayers coming!! Thanks for all the prayers that have already been said....

I will be posting updates every week or so on Mike and how every thing is going...
Thanks again everyone for all the prayers and well wishes that you have sent our way already!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A surgery update...

Well, we are home after a very long day but Hubby made it through the surgery perfectly! There was a little more work in there then what the doc thought at first, but it wasn't anything that the doc and his team couldn't handle.
It was a long day starting at 345 am - I got up and got dressed ( dressed as much as one can get dressed while still trying to sleep through it all!)  and then made sure the truck was all packed with everything we needed- Oh did I mention that we didn't get to bed until 1am? Then it was time to get the kids up, pillows packed,and we were on our way. We left a little early hoping to stop by Krispy Kreme but they were closed at 5 am. So we headed to the office, got there about 15mins. When we got in there I have to say- they were prompt, starting things right on the time that they said they were!  Surgery started at 7 am - kids took a nap on their blankets and pillows for about 1.5 hours at about 830 am. then by 10 am doc came out and said he was all done and gave me the update on what he had done, by 2 am Mike was home! It was a looooooong day but the kids were awesome for the most part ( and with out eating all day too!). DH is home and sleeping ( living) on the sofa for a while ( days even weeks) . Thank you for all of the prayers and thoughts on this. The Lord is a great God and I am thankful that I am a child of his. I never had any worries about anything going wrong, but it is nice to know that we have such a great God on our side.
I have some pictures to post  little later ( in a day or two) I am sooo very tired at the moment that I am going to call it a night- we have another doc apt. in the morning at 730 am .... got. to. get. some. ssssleeep.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O.M.G. It's HERE!!! I GOT IT!!!

Well for Mother's day Mike wanted to get me the Nikon D-3000... which I was beyond excited for, only problem is ..that they were sold out all over town. I didn't want to let on to much how heart broken I was, but I was- I have been looking fwd to having this camera for a while now- well just really drooling over it everytime we went in to the store. Don't get me wrong I already have a nice point and shoot that Mike got me for my birthday 3 years ago after Morgan was born. I was sooo excited to get that camera too- it was an upgrade then from my 'little' point and shoot ( one of the first ones on the market) and it has done an awesome job of keeping up with me- and I take a LOOOOOOT of pictures! ( Mike is always telling me I am picture taking crazy). Welll... anyways.. I was able to find a store the other day that had the camera bundle in stock!!! I was so excited I almost cried!! (  think I might have a little when paying LOL) I got the entire bundle for $540.00 after taxes- which included camera case, lens, camera body, memory card, the software, some 'how-to use' books, and all the cables needed. I think I got a good deal... What do you think? But as normal I have been taking pictures like crazy with the new camera figuring it all out... so here are some of the pictures I have taken...... in the last couple of days ( that are good enough to share! LOL) The dog in the picture is my 'third child' Monica- the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten!
I promise to get better as I take more pictures! =)

I even got a 'how to book' from my wonderful hubby with my camera, which gives everything in detail. I can't wait to be able to sit down and read it.
On a differant note...
My hubby is going in for his knee surgery in the AM (5:30 am!! May 20th) to have several things fixed from a fall he took durning training at work.  So please keep him in your prayers through out the day that God will guide the doctors and nurses hands and that all goes well. When he is home safe and sound I will give everyone an update on how it went. Well I am off to take more pictures!
I hope everyone out there is doing well! Drop me a comment and let me know! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still alive...

Sorry that I have gotten behind on posting! I really don't have an excuse, just been lazzzy. Everyone here is doing well, nothing new really going on- T-ball, waiting for the hubbs knee to get better, waiting for school to finish for the year, homeschool with Morgan, etc...
There are some current things going in with our T-ball team that I'm not happy with at the moment but that will have to be a rant for a later time...I need to get the house picked up... I just wanted to post and let everyone know I am still alive over here and everything is still going!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day..

To all the Moms, Moms-to-be, Grandmothers, so on and so forth out there! Although my mother is now been gone going on 10 years this Aug. There are still many, many days that I think of all she has done for me and my sister though out her time as a mom. She always told us no matter what- being a mother was the best time in her life and that there is nothing else that the Lord could have blessed her with that would be better then just that- being a mother...
So, here is to my mom and days gone by, moms that are just starting out, 'seasoned' mothers out there and everyone that 'fits'....

I pray everyone has a great day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daily Life... sorta

Hi Everyone!
 There hasn't been much going on around here that is out of the norm for us, just the weekly T-Ball ( pictures below) practices and games. Melessa is almost done with school for the year! * YEA* I think I might be more excited for her to get out for the summer then she is about it! We have after many hours of talking decided to home school her though out the summer and next school year. We unfortunately feel that she public school she is 'required' to attend for our area is not to our standards. And paying for a private school isn't something we can do at the moment. So PLEASE pray for us as we make this leap for the first time with our children! I am nervous about it all but would never let on to the kids- they would freak out - a 'OH NO! Mommy is worried about it so I should be too' type of thing and we don't want any of that going on here! We have been working on penmanship with Morgan and writing letter(s), this week it is the letter - R. So far so good- for the most part. There have been a couple of times when tears were shed but over all it is going well.

Now for some more fun stuff... I have another giveaway coming up, and for those of you with girls (and even you Moms and gals out there!) your going to want in! So keep in eye out and keep watching for info, it should be out with in the next week or so. I am excited! * happy giddy dance*

Here are some pictures of T-ball... Isn't he just the cutest in his uniform?

Here is a picture of Morgan's Letter R(s) from yesterday... so proud =)
 Don't mind Melessa's scribbles all over it LOL she was marking the ones she 'liked'

Well I better get back to that 'daily' life of mine! Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

An Award... I feel so Lovely!

I have received a 'Lovely' award and it's thanks to jdaniel4smom . Here is the award that she so graciously has passed on to me:

I feel so pretty now! ;) Thank you VERY much for the award!It is very kind of you to think of me and pass this on my way!
If you haven't checked her out yet, head on over there and have a look around, she is a teacher and has some good postings to read.
Here are a listing of blogs that I am passing this wonderful award on to:
  1. a country farm house
  2. bella umbrellas
  3. cottage dreamers
  4. kelle hampton
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  7. stokes chic antiques
  8. garden of love 2007.
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 Congratulations to those that have had the award passed on to them....

Friday, April 30, 2010

We Have A WINNER!!!

This morning Morgan picked out the name of the winner from a bucket for our first review and giveaway...
Here is Morgan picking out the name....

And the winner of one signed copy of Journal Buddies for Boys is................................

Wondering who yet???

How about now?


Nope still a little further down.....

Almost there....

Nope not just yet...

And the winner is.................


Congrats on winning! I will be e-mailing the winner with the details.
Thank you to eveyone that entered my first giveaway and helping make it such a great sucess and so much fun.
Thank you to Jill for passing along the signed copy of her book to giveaway! I am sure that Phillip is going to LOVE reading and writing in it!

Keep and eye out for another giveaway in the month of May!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First Review and Giveaway!

Okay y'all I know that I said I would post this sooner, but with my hubby's knee surgery coming up, Melessa and Morgan's extra activities, and trying to keep the house in order- along with a visit from the In-laws thrown in there I have been unable to get this posted and started... but at last the time has come- I can do it! * Yea!*

So here it is my first review and giveaway...

I was sent this book:

 Journal Buddies for Boys by Jill Schoenberg for review.
Quite honestly, I was a little surprised when I received the book in the mail and started going through it. This book is way better then what I thought it was going to be! I thought it would be fun to go through and read but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how much of a confidence builder this book is.
The book starts out by explaining what the book is all about in the  "What's this all about?" section, which I think it great. Jill talks about how the "Journal Buddies is all about discovering how excellence feels and about learning what it means to be excellent."  I feel that to many times we remember to boost up our daughters but forget about boosting up our sons. This is the perfect book for a young boy to learn a little about him self, and to learn to think about others in the process as well. Each journaling page is set up so that after you write "today's Buddy" and date you write down 3 different things that "your buddy loves, likes, or enjoys about you" I think this is a great way to get boys thinking about others and about what things with themselves others enjoy, Who in life doesn't want to improve on and 'grow' those things? Not a single person that I know wouldn't want to!
Then each page goes on to " list three qualities, traits, or talents that you love, like, or enjoy about your buddy."  After you are done listing those three things there is a open blank section for your personal journaling endeavors. There are several pages of ideas for entires and things to write about. The boy in your life can't help but become more mindful, thoughtful, and 'excellent' by the time they are done with this book!
 I give this book * two thumbs up*! When my son is old enough to write on his own this will be a book that I will be buying for him. I plan on getting the Journal Buddies for girls for my daughter next time I am at the book store ( about once a week! LOL)

The Giveaway:
Jill has sooooo gracfully agreed to giveaway a signed copy of this book to come lucky follower!
Here is how you can enter the giveaway:
  1.  You must be a follower of my blog to enter, leave me a comment letting me know below that you are a follower! Leave your e-mail address in the comment please, if you are the winner I will need to contact you!( only comments left on the blog posting itself will be counted as an entry, not any left on the Facebook fan page, personal facebook page, myspace page, twitter etc...)
  2. You can gain 1 extra entry by becoming a 'fan' on my Facebook blog page HERE (you must come back here and leave me a comment letting me know!)
  3. You gain 1 extra entry by becoming a 'Fan' on Jill's facebook page by clicking HERE ( you must leave a comment letting me know!)
  4. You can earn 5 extra entries by posting this giveaway (and link) on your personal blog, facebook page, twitter account, etc.. ( you must leave me a comment with the link to the posting in it, in order for you to gain your 5 extra entries!)
  5. If you post this on more then one 'network' example- your personal blog, facebook account, and your twitter you will gain 2 extra entries for every 'network' link you leave me a comment for after you 'first network posting' 5 extra entries.
I will be randomly choosing a winner some time the morning of April 30, 2010 between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 am. Winner will be posted here on this blog and on my facebook fan page. I will also be
e-mailing the winner personally for shipping information.
Good Luck!

*This review is my own personal opinion of the book and the giveaway is being offered by Jill Sochoenberg, I have not received any money or any other type of compensation for this review or giveaway*

This giveaway is also list at

This giveaway is listed at All Things Bloggy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruidoso, rain, and T-ball... What a week!

What a busy week it has been in the Visser household!!! Some good news- I have found all of those pictures that I lost the other day when I loaded them from the camera to the computer!  YEA! * Happy Dance* I was soooo very excited!
We have had some much needed rain here the last couple of days- I love love love the rain but we were all bummed out when Morgan's first T-Ball game of the season was caned because of it. Here to hoping that this is no rain for the game this coming Saturday! We are excited to watch him play and see how the team plays together. Sooo since I was able to find the 'lost' picture I thought I would share some of them with you.. here is some from our family pictures from our trip to Ruidoso New Mexico..

And here are a couple of picture from Morgan's first T-ball pratice...

I will post pictures of his first game ( when it happens! ) and of his next pratice which is Wen. night...
Well I am signing off for the night! Hope everyone is doing well!

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