Monday, May 3, 2010

An Award... I feel so Lovely!

I have received a 'Lovely' award and it's thanks to jdaniel4smom . Here is the award that she so graciously has passed on to me:

I feel so pretty now! ;) Thank you VERY much for the award!It is very kind of you to think of me and pass this on my way!
If you haven't checked her out yet, head on over there and have a look around, she is a teacher and has some good postings to read.
Here are a listing of blogs that I am passing this wonderful award on to:
  1. a country farm house
  2. bella umbrellas
  3. cottage dreamers
  4. kelle hampton
  5. mommy moves again
  6. pink elephants 2
  7. stokes chic antiques
  8. garden of love 2007.
  9. whats up holmes
  10. the tablescaper
 Congratulations to those that have had the award passed on to them....

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