Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall... is it really here?

Fall is HERE!!!!!!!
 I never thought that I would be so happy about those words. While growing up when asked when my favorite time of year was I always answered summer, there was never even a second thought to it.... it was Summer- period.
Well now that I am a little older ( JUST a little gosh darn it! LOL) I am totaly falling in love with Fall, the color changes, the crunch of the leaves under my boots, the rain, and of course the start of the holiday photo season! I plan on taking my 2 kiddos out very soon to take their Fall/Christmas pictures. I have been day dreaming all week about where I want to take them and how I want them to look. But in all honestly I am going to get them goofing off I always do, but thats okay we always have fun and when I get them done I promise to post them for everyone. If you haven't headed over to my facebook page yet, I would love to have you as a "like" over there you can find it through this link HERE
I wish I had more time to write more tonight but it's late and well there are kids to take care of come morning!

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