Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's that time again! Back to School time!

This year as we get ready for school and do our back to school shopping it's a lot differant then it has been in the last years- Kinder through 3rd grade. Instead of buying tons of new clothes, picking out a cool back pack, and finding shoes that can stand up to playground torture. We are buying loads of paper, a large chalk board, bookcases, cleaning off the desk, even a new computer.....

 WHY???? you ask......
Good question! Because this year my children are not going back to school.... "brick and mortor" {b&m} style. We are homeschooling, and when I say we I mean Both me and my husband. Since he is home until  Febuary or March he is going to take on the subjects of Math, some Sicence, and Art ( thank goodness he is a good artist!! I am HORRIBLE!!!). I am soo very thankful he is taking on this challange with me. I honestly don't know if I would be able to take it on by my self!

I am a little nervouse about my teaching skills and if I am going to be able to ' keep it together' or not. I want there to be a differance between "mom-mom" and "homeschool-mom" I want my children to understand that when it's time for school it's time for school no questions ask, get ready, sit down, and learn! I know it's not going to really work out like that but a mother can dream can't she?  I know that the days ahead are not by any means going to be simple, but it's a jump that Hubby and I feel needs to be taken.

The school that our Mimi want to the last half of the school year here in Texas was very and I stress VERY unimpressive. There were many many things that upset us over the course of the school year that were never 'taken care of.' And in all honestly we were made to feel that just because our daughter was scoring well on her year end tests and because the state gives them money for her being at school- THAT is the reason why they wanted her there. Not because her teacher wanted to teach and she had a love for it, and to top it all of 'they' made my daughter feel like the odd ball out with her blond hair and blue eyes. I know sounds weird being the add ball out looking like that, but honestly she is the ONLY student in her ENTIRE grade that did NOT have brown hair and brown eyes.

So this year we are taing on the task of homeschool- with a lot of help from Connections Academy{.com } CA has sent all of her books and even a computer for her to use for the school year { it is a free -public- school - and everything was sent free} we just pay to ship it back at the end of the year. Something well worth the cost for a year of great school.
I will be blogging through out the year about how we are doing and what we are doing....
Please keep us in your prayers!!
Happy blogging!

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