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The Witness~ Written by: Josh McDowell... a review

The Witness written by Josh McDowell

 I have to start out by saying that when I was first had heard about this book I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have been reading a lot of Amish fiction and before that my reading 'taste' jumped around quite a bit. I always seem to come back to the thrilling 'spy' type of books.

 I was excited to open my mail box one afternoon to find The Witness sitting there waiting for me to curl up with.  This is the first Josh McDowell novel that I have had the wonderful opp to read { Yes, I plan on reading as much of 'him' as I can in the coming months}
Just to give you a taste of what the book is about: { taken from the website http://www.josh.org/ }

" From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into danger. Nurtured by a bitter past that equipped him with what he needed for his company to thrive, Marwan Accad never looks back.

Yet the way forward promises only uncertainty, and living each day is a lie in which corruption and greed play in the lives of man. For whose lie is he going through all of this? Even as Marwan races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, he must grapple with what is beyond his life, with what is eternal. This gripping story presents answers to the critics of Christianity and incorporates evidence for Christ, the reliability of Scripture, and the historical fact of the resurrection in a compelling format. "

 You can also read the first chapter here

 I like the way the Mr. McDowell writes. There is no "shoving' of the Christain faith in this book, although it does make you think about things~ how you may be living your life, what is going on it in it, why you have or have not taken up a walk with Christ. Or at least it did with me!

This is such a gripping book. Once I picked it up I was hardly able to place it down again! I am a fast reader so I was able to read this in about 3-4 days, but then again it could be because I was pretty much reading this book around the clock! I just had to know what was going to happen next!

In this tale of murder and mayham Marwan Accad is forced to go on the run, not just a hide out for a weekend type of thing. But on the run for everything he and his brother have worked for and for his very life it's self. Along the way he meets a girl, and just like life is things start to grow between them. Problem is... does he give up the girl and deal with a broken heart and keep running? Or does he stay and put her and everything he has worked for on the line and in the line of fire....? Time is running out and the his pursuers are closing in on him, way to close for his liking. Can he get to the bottom of the whole thing? Can he find out why they want him dead with out it being his last wish? Can he find it all out before time runs out for him and they catch up....? And with all this going on he is also trying to come to grips with his faith!

Read this amazing novel to find out how everything ends up. I proimise you will love every thrilling, nail bitting, twisting moment you encounter. I sure did! This is a novel that I will be reading again. And for me that is a big deal! There are hundards of books that I have sat down and  been lost in cover to cover but not many that I will re-read. Once I know the story reading it a second time just isn't all that wonderful to me, but Josh McDowell's The Witness is one that I promise I will be picking up again and re-reading all over... it's just that good!

Here is also a video on the book:

*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.*

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