Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey everyone! Please come vote!!

Hi Everyone!
 Sorry that is has been a short bit since I posted last, we have had some sick kiddos in the house! So now that we are all feeling better { for the most part!} I have a slight favor to ask of all of you! could you please go here: America's Top Photography and vote for my pictures? under my pictures { there are 2 of them} my name will be listed { it just says Erica} I would REALLLLLLLLLLY love to win for this next week! one is titled "Sun Rise Lillies" and the other " Hand in Hand- Sibling Love"
 On to other news I am spending the weekend doing much of nothing, I have just a moment or two of shopping to get done and then we are starting to make Christmas lists around here. I have bought some of the Christmas gifts, it's not very much and there are still a few to buy! Besides, what fun is Christmas shopping if you don't have the list of a 4 year old and a 9 year old to go off of? :)
I do how ever need to start buying winter clothes for those kids of mine, I can't believe how much they have both grown since last winter!! Both of them need just about new everything! Phew! I better win the lotto or something soon! Well I guess I better start playing it first! LOL
We are going out next week and doing fall pictures { just the kids} and I am excited, there is this realllly awesome train here { just sitting at a store!} and I am going to see if we can use it in the shoot, it looks all rusted and vintage.... how cool would that be? So much fun!
 Well, it's getting late so I better wrap this post up!
 Please remember to go vote and please pass the link along to your friends to vote!

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