Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need storage?.. TUPPERWARE Giveaway!

If you are anything like me, then you NEVER have enough storage... for anything!

I have discovered some thing wonderful to help with that problem though... Tupperware! I have never had 'real' tupperware before but ever since I received the Super Cereal Storer I have been in love! I was asked to review one and then I received one to giveaway { woo hoo for one lucky person!}. The wonderful rep that sent me the set is Cecile Phillps. { You can visit her online store by clicking on her name}
This is what it looks like when I first got it out of the box:

Of course I opened a box of cereal right away and poured it in

This is a whole brand new 'big' box of cereal, the whole box fit with no problem!

We are having a HUGGGGGGE problems with ants at the moment, they seem to come out of every crack and tiny hole that we have in well anything- wall, base board, plug sockets etc.. you name it, it's happening! And keeping the ants out has become kind of like a bad game here.... well with the new cereal storer from tupperware I no longer have to worry about 'extra' anything in the cereal in the morning! Ever since I put our cereal in to the storer we have not had one single ant in it!! I am loving it!
The lid opening is nice and wide so even if you have more of a 'bulky' type cereal you shouldn't have any trouble pouring it out into your bowl. Something else that I have noticed is that the cereal seemed to stay fresh longer too, but this could be because my kids were more likely to close the lid on this then trying to close the box top on the box of cereal.

Okay now that I am done raving about how much I am now in love with Tupperware I'll get on to the giveaway... thats the real reason you are here right?? { it's okay I totaly understand!}

Here is what you MUST do to enter:
1} In order for ANY of your entries to count you must go to the online store by clicking here and leave me a comment telling me at least one other product or 'thing' you like or would want. [ must leave me your e-mail address in the comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner!]

2} 1 extra entery by 'like'ing me on facebook here - if you are already a 'fan' then just let me know! It still counts!

3} 1 extra entery by 'like'ing Cecile's facebook page here - if you are already a 'fan' just leave me a comment and let me know, it still counts!
4} Become a follower of this blog- again if you are a follower already just let me know!

5} If you book a tupperware party through Cecile- a 'in house' hosted party, online party, or catalog party to be hosted within the next 3 months you will get 15 extra entries!!- leave me a comment letting me know [ This will be verified through Cecile]

6} 3 extra entries by posting this giveaway on your blog, facebook page, twitter account etc.. just leave me a comment letting me know the link where I can find it. [If you post it on more then one site leave me a seperate comment with the link for each site. ]

Good luck to everyone that enters!
 This giveaway will end June 21,2010 at 010:00 ( 10:00 am)

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