Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Saturday night...what are you avoiding?

Well folks, it's Saturday night and here I am.... not a single thing I WANT to do! LOL Oh, there are lots that I Could be doing, like cleaning the mess of things up in the living room, or washing that huge stack of dirty dishes in the sink, doing laundry, even getting things put together for church tomorrow... but instead what I am doing? I'm sitting here goofing off on-line and fighting with my new phone- which by the way is winning the fight. Mike is in the living room on the other computer watching some show something about stargate or what not, I wasn't really listening, LOL
The kids are in bed, and my thoughts are wondering off, I want to get out this week and take pictures of them in their costumes, which we bought tonight at Party City. I swear that every year costumes cost more and more! Think about people! Your kids wear them for just ONE night a year!! And here I was paying 49.00 for the 2 of them, and I didn't even allow them to get "the good ones!" I feel like such a sucker! lol Goodness how do people afford the costumes with the "works"? goodness they either have GREAT jobs or that is a big bill on the CC later that month! LOL I feel like I should start saving up now for next year! I better learn to sew!! And who ever thought of having all of these holidays so close together? I need a break- a money break! LOL I am sooo very thankful that I only have 2 kids to buy for, more would always be a blessing, kids always are, but I don't think our pocket books could handle it!
Well I better get off of here if I ever want to have anything clean to wear to church tomrow!

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