Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU....

I want to send out the biggest hugest THANK-YOU to Chevy cars. I was lucky enough and honored to be selected to do an amazing blog review on the new Chevy Mabliu for a month. I was going to get to drive the car around and then blog about it, for the month that I was driving it. I was sooooooooo super excited - beyond words to be honored to drive and write the review, but do to some family issues I had to turn down the review. BUUUUT keep an eye out there are two other lovey young ladies who are also doing the review for Chevy here in the El Paso, Texas area. When I can get their blogging information I will post it here so we all can watch and keep up with the month long review.

I want to also send out a bug huge thank you to Holly over at Business 2 Blogger for setting me up with Chevy to even do the review in the first place, thank you Holly for thinking of me when offering blogger's names to Chevy.

This has been a HUGE honor to even be giving the chance to do this review. And I want to thank everyone involved for the amazing blogging opportunity!!!

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