Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First Review and Giveaway!

Okay y'all I know that I said I would post this sooner, but with my hubby's knee surgery coming up, Melessa and Morgan's extra activities, and trying to keep the house in order- along with a visit from the In-laws thrown in there I have been unable to get this posted and started... but at last the time has come- I can do it! * Yea!*

So here it is my first review and giveaway...

I was sent this book:

 Journal Buddies for Boys by Jill Schoenberg for review.
Quite honestly, I was a little surprised when I received the book in the mail and started going through it. This book is way better then what I thought it was going to be! I thought it would be fun to go through and read but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how much of a confidence builder this book is.
The book starts out by explaining what the book is all about in the  "What's this all about?" section, which I think it great. Jill talks about how the "Journal Buddies is all about discovering how excellence feels and about learning what it means to be excellent."  I feel that to many times we remember to boost up our daughters but forget about boosting up our sons. This is the perfect book for a young boy to learn a little about him self, and to learn to think about others in the process as well. Each journaling page is set up so that after you write "today's Buddy" and date you write down 3 different things that "your buddy loves, likes, or enjoys about you" I think this is a great way to get boys thinking about others and about what things with themselves others enjoy, Who in life doesn't want to improve on and 'grow' those things? Not a single person that I know wouldn't want to!
Then each page goes on to " list three qualities, traits, or talents that you love, like, or enjoy about your buddy."  After you are done listing those three things there is a open blank section for your personal journaling endeavors. There are several pages of ideas for entires and things to write about. The boy in your life can't help but become more mindful, thoughtful, and 'excellent' by the time they are done with this book!
 I give this book * two thumbs up*! When my son is old enough to write on his own this will be a book that I will be buying for him. I plan on getting the Journal Buddies for girls for my daughter next time I am at the book store ( about once a week! LOL)

The Giveaway:
Jill has sooooo gracfully agreed to giveaway a signed copy of this book to come lucky follower!
Here is how you can enter the giveaway:
  1.  You must be a follower of my blog to enter, leave me a comment letting me know below that you are a follower! Leave your e-mail address in the comment please, if you are the winner I will need to contact you!( only comments left on the blog posting itself will be counted as an entry, not any left on the Facebook fan page, personal facebook page, myspace page, twitter etc...)
  2. You can gain 1 extra entry by becoming a 'fan' on my Facebook blog page HERE (you must come back here and leave me a comment letting me know!)
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  5. If you post this on more then one 'network' example- your personal blog, facebook account, and your twitter you will gain 2 extra entries for every 'network' link you leave me a comment for after you 'first network posting' 5 extra entries.
I will be randomly choosing a winner some time the morning of April 30, 2010 between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 am. Winner will be posted here on this blog and on my facebook fan page. I will also be
e-mailing the winner personally for shipping information.
Good Luck!

*This review is my own personal opinion of the book and the giveaway is being offered by Jill Sochoenberg, I have not received any money or any other type of compensation for this review or giveaway*

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