Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O.M.G. It's HERE!!! I GOT IT!!!

Well for Mother's day Mike wanted to get me the Nikon D-3000... which I was beyond excited for, only problem is ..that they were sold out all over town. I didn't want to let on to much how heart broken I was, but I was- I have been looking fwd to having this camera for a while now- well just really drooling over it everytime we went in to the store. Don't get me wrong I already have a nice point and shoot that Mike got me for my birthday 3 years ago after Morgan was born. I was sooo excited to get that camera too- it was an upgrade then from my 'little' point and shoot ( one of the first ones on the market) and it has done an awesome job of keeping up with me- and I take a LOOOOOOT of pictures! ( Mike is always telling me I am picture taking crazy). Welll... anyways.. I was able to find a store the other day that had the camera bundle in stock!!! I was so excited I almost cried!! (  think I might have a little when paying LOL) I got the entire bundle for $540.00 after taxes- which included camera case, lens, camera body, memory card, the software, some 'how-to use' books, and all the cables needed. I think I got a good deal... What do you think? But as normal I have been taking pictures like crazy with the new camera figuring it all out... so here are some of the pictures I have taken...... in the last couple of days ( that are good enough to share! LOL) The dog in the picture is my 'third child' Monica- the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten!
I promise to get better as I take more pictures! =)

I even got a 'how to book' from my wonderful hubby with my camera, which gives everything in detail. I can't wait to be able to sit down and read it.
On a differant note...
My hubby is going in for his knee surgery in the AM (5:30 am!! May 20th) to have several things fixed from a fall he took durning training at work.  So please keep him in your prayers through out the day that God will guide the doctors and nurses hands and that all goes well. When he is home safe and sound I will give everyone an update on how it went. Well I am off to take more pictures!
I hope everyone out there is doing well! Drop me a comment and let me know! =)

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