Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Runa Cinnamon-Lemongrass Guayusa Tea Review

Runa Cinnamon-Lemongrass Guayusa Tea

A Swaggable review


  I received this as a sample to review from Swaggable

  I really liked this tea, the lemongrass flavors in it balanced well with the cinnmon flaors. There wasn't one flavor over the other, they worked surprisingly well together. And I felt no need for any type of sweeteners for this tea.

  I fell that this tea lives up to it's description:


Runa LLC

Guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) is a Amazonian leaf that has been brewed for thousands of years by indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Drinking guayusa is essential to what makes them "Runa"--fully alive.
Guayusa tea offers a clean source of energy by balancing natural caffeine with twice the antioxidants of green tea and a smooth, naturally sweet taste.
      This did have a smooth taste to it, there was no huge over bearing taste one way or another which I really liked. Since this was a caffeinated tea I had this around lunch time ( no P.M. buzz for me!) and it did give me a slight kick, I liked that it wasn't so much that there was a huge crash later, just a soft wave down!  haha I do wish that they made a decaffeinated tea so that I could drink it all the time. But since I have a baby that is still breastfed I can't, it would have him buzzing, which is never good!

 This gets two thumbs up!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Goddess Garden Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen Review

Goddess Garden Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen SPF30


A Swaggable review
     I was hoping for a little bigger sample for this review but it was just two small packets, but I am happy for the chance to review this product regardless.

    When I got the samples in the mail I started out by reading what it said was in them and over all I love what it is made out of, my youngest child who is 16 months and my self both have crazy senstive skin. 

   Here is what the promo says:
  • Free of synthetic chemicals, biodegradable, and sheer
  • Water resistance of 40 minutes
  • SPF 30 protection
    Packed with pure ingredients that you might recognize like sunflowers, lavender, and aloe vera, Goddess Garden products will leave you ready for carefree days in the sun! No longer do you need to worry about the harsh chemicals found in most sunscreens on the market… Goddess Garden has you covered with the highest organic content sunscreen available today. Featuring broad spectrum SPF30 protection and a water resistance of 40 minutes, Goddess Garden will keep you protected from the sun no matter where your travels take you. All Goddess Garden products are biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan, and non-GMO for your extra piece of mind. Take a look at our ingredient list to see the difference, and be sure join in on our conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #sunsafe.

    And it worked great, the only thing is that it has to be reapplied every 40 mins or so to 'completely' work and every 40 mins is kinda a lot in my book, but for something that is all nautral and safe for the baby it's worth it to me to reapply every 40 mins. There wasn't enough in the sample to cover both of us all the way so I covered baby's face arms and legs and my upper arms which always take the worse 'beating' when it comes to the sun.  For the time that the sun screen was applied we had no sun burn problems and the smell was a pleasent one too- not so strong that it made you want to wipe it off and no weird chemical smell either.  If this was sold at a mass retailer or in a store where I could 'run in' and pick it up I would buy it all the time for my whole family.

   Two thumbs up!
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