Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do You Know What Today Is?.....

It's My birthday!!! How old you ask... well old enough to be a daughter, sister, wife and mother.. and that's all you need to know!  =)
I had the most wonderful day, thanks to all the wonderful people in my life. From the many birthday and well wishs on my facebook page to the many phone calls - starting at midnight March 31st I might add! My day 'started' out (at midnight) with a phone call from a wonderful friend and then a call from my wonderful baby sister. Then after getting Melessa off to school this morning I hopped into the shower only to get out and find my wonderful hubby making me the BEST chocolate fudge waffles with bacon, sauage, and hash browns. MMMMM MMMM it was AWESOME!  Then I didn't have to lift a single finger to do any 'chores' today at all! I got to take a LOOOOOONG nap from about 11:30 to 2:00 with out anyone coming in and waking me up every hour to ask me something or where something is. We went to Barns and Noble and for my birthday gift hubby bought be the book by Richard Castle called Heat Wave from the hit ABC show Castle (airs on Monday nights). I am excited to start reading it. I am a fan of the show and it's pretty cool that I get to also read the book 'from' the show too!
Here is the cover from the book:

I will post a review after I have finished the book to let every one know what I think about it.

And then of course I have to post at least a couple of pictures of the wonderful yummy birthday cake the the hubbs and Melessa picked out together for me..
Doesn't it look yummy?

My slice!

Thank you to everyone again that sent the birthday wishes my way today! It was a fun relaxing day... just want I was wanting!

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