Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tablescapes and linens....

So for those of you that are unaware I am a big dork- no really it's okay I am aware that I am. I am 'old fashioned' in a lot of my likes and in a lot of my views, but thats okay it's what fits me well and I like my self. okay... getting of subject and rambling.... sorry about that...

I can spend hours and hours searching though pictures on-line for things like tablescapes and table linens, window teatments, and area rugs. Even down to differant paint colors and home decor. Now I know that this is pretty normal for a lot of woman- this is how many of us get (Well, those of us that are idea challenged anyways) ideas for new things. And every once in a while I run across one of those 'JACKPOT' sites that has a bunch of pictures for me to browse through and gather ideas from. Well, I found one of those websites yesterday so I thought I would share it with you, after all I don't want to be greedy with my find.

The site is called linen lovers and I just love their tablescape ideas. They are simple enough to were I don't feel I have to take out a loan to buy new things to get it to look the same or at least close. And to top it off they have great prices on all of their things too!  So as a preview of what is on their site here are a couple of pictures...
*All pictures are from the site linen lovers.com and may or may not be under copy right laws. These Photos are used for site preview showing only*

Bridal table... oh so pretty!
Ducky table...so stinking cute!

4th Of July table...one of my favorites!
Spring table...makes me want to sit down with some good friends for brunch and tea, in a pretty dress and heels.

Pink Presants... one that Melessa would just LOVE right down to the cake on top.

Pink and Yellow Flowers... anyone up for some laughter and chilled coffee?

These are a few of the tablescapes that I really like from the site. Head on over there and check them out and all that they have for sale and to look at! Then head back here and let me know which one or ones are your favorites...I love finding out what everyones likes and dislikes are.
Happy tablescape 'hunting'!

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