Monday, March 29, 2010

Super Couponers?... You BET!

Click on this link: 'Super Couponers' Clip Their Way to Savings at the Grocery Store - ABC News to watch/ read the entire segment that I saw.

The link above is to the show that I saw a couple nights ago on the show 'Nightline' on ABC. I don't watch the show very often but this night I was glad that my hubby paused on it. I have a new goal... to become a super couponer. I use coupons, I even have the same 'set up' for my coupons as the gentleman in the story - It's a three ring binder with baseball card keepers in them, you slip your coupons in to the card slots and it makes it easy to view what you have and keeps everything nice and neat. I even have mine separated with dividers, so paper coupons are together, can foods, pet foods, etc you get the point.
I in fact got the idea for it all when I saw a friend of mine shopping with her coupons that way. I thought "Wow! that's sooo smart! There is a good chance that I would have never thought of that!" -

I don't have the room at the moment for the storage that is needed to coupon this way but once we move from here and build a house I will and YOU BET I will start shopping like this! Can you tell I am a little excited about the whole thing? I can't help it, saving money is exciting! How can it not be? Who doesn't ( at least 'Who' being most woman) love the thrill of a good deal or even the 'hunt' to get a good deal? I know that I do.. in fact I drag my kids along so that they can both ( Yes, even my son) learn how to 'hunt' correctly!

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