Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring had Sprung!

Well today I was putting up sheers curtains in the craft room and looked out the windows to notice that the trees has buds on them! I am so excited! Spring is here!!
so here are a couple of pictures ( of course!)

Close up of the buds!
Get ready for some warm weather!

 As I mentioned above I got some sheer curtains hung up in the craft room- I have been wanting to do this for a while but I didn't know what I wanted to do it with- curtain rods, wire rope, etc...
I ended up up going and getting coated wire rope- it's really a clothes line. When I went to price out curtain rods it was just going to be waaaay out of my budget ( which was pretty much nothing LOL) for as many as I needed. I had 6 windows to cover, so instead I bought 10 picture hangers, the wire rope (the clothes line), 4 swag hooks,and I already had the sheers from a Mom's Night In that I held last year at my home. I then placed all of the picture hangers at each corner of each window and the swag hooks at the very end corners - the outter ones - then I ran the clothes wire from one end to the other and then hung the curtains on them and then placed white sheer scarves on top to hide the wire. In the middle of the wall where the scarves ends meet I placed some matching flowers and a bow.
Here are some pictures of the end result... I would love to know what you think! Please leave comments below =)
The view looking at the work tables

The flowers in the middle where the scarves meet

I want to place flowers in the center of the two windows facing the tables also, I just have to go get more flowers.
Corner detail - I just knoted the scarves around the swag hooks

Long view of the room
A little better view looking the other way

Everything that I used to hang the curtains up

 So far so good... nothing has fallen down yet! LOL
I am VERY pleased with how it all came out, it doesn't block the light so there is still good light to work by in there but it defuses it enough to it is no longer blinding. I think it gives it a nice little 'girly' touch to the room -A little romance and a little sweet looking all wrapped up in one.
I would like to get an area rug but that will have to wait...  since the room is blues and purples I want an area rug to match and I have a feeling that it is going to take me a while to find one that doesn't cost me an arm and leg to get it! =)

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