Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doggy Update....

Well today we took Niko in to the vet for her post check up from last week. I have some good news to share!-
The meds they have her on seems to be working well and she is getting better, we don't think that the mastitis is going to be gone by her Thursday March 25th due date which means that Mike and I will be on bottle duty every 2 hours. But we did it with our kids so puppies shouldn't be any differant right? Well...I hope not! LOL I have bottle fed calfs, goats, foals, and even a pig or two in my life time so what is adding a puppy to the mix right? LOL Hope I'm not to out of pratice!
The swelling has gone down a lot in her nipples and there doesn't seem to be much blood left in her milk, there is still some there and the Doc said a another week or so on the meds should clear everything up. So with any luck we will only have to bottle feed for a week or so! I am getting excited about having a couple of puppies - yes, you noticed I only said a couple, we don't think that she is going to have very many puppies she has gotten bigger but not huge. For her 1st time I think that is best ( for all of us!). - around the house to play with.
Well, I am hoping that the next time I up date you on Niko it will be with how many puppies she has had, that they are all healthy, and everyone is doing well!

Other then Niko there isn't anything new or exciting going on here spring cleaning starts this week at our house I just haven't really told anyone else yet in fear that they might all run away and find something else to do or some where else to be!

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