Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sad News....

Well it is March 27 and still no puppies for Niko and us to play with. She still has mastitis but getting better with each new day. Niko has started to loose her 'baby belly' and we now are thinking that she is having/ has had what is called a pseudocyesis (pronounced “sudo-sigh-eesis”), for more information on what that is and how it happens click here. We are all saddened by this new turn of event as we were all looking forword to having some puppies to play with and her first litter.  We would like to breed her with another dalmatian if the vet tell us that it will be okay, but ONLY if we get the vet's blessing to do so. Her health is what most important to us. This is why there are no cute pictures of cute new to the world little puppies posted on here.
Well, I better go and give her - her meds for the night and get to bed.

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