Friday, March 19, 2010

updates and catch ups...

 Many things and nothing at all have been going on here... so here is an update of it all or at least most of it!

Melessa is now on spring break until March 29th - so at the moment we all are getting to sleep in a little *YEA!* . ....*doing the happy dance*

We are still waiting on Niko our dalmatian to have her puppies - we think next week on the 25th is her due date. I took her into the vet ( AWESOME vet btw... office information listed at end of post) this past Tuesday because of blood mixed in with her milk it turns out that she has mastitis go here for a link to infomation on 'it' and what 'it' is. She has been put on meds and we are hoping that everything is cleared up before she gives birth that way she can nurse if not she will stay on her meds and Mike and I will have to bottle feed the puppies ( we are hoping for just one or two puppies- we can hope right!?).

 Here are some preggo pictures of Niko... these were taken about 2 weeks ago

She LOVES her bed she spends 98% of her time on it!

Baby or should I say Puppy Bump!

Looking for a bully rub
Almost snoring!
just in case you were wondering... Yes, that is a fire fighter's blanket (yep, Mike's 'work' blanket under her on the bed) it has become her all time favorite blanket to sleep with, she is so cute and soooo spoiled! She is like another child!

In other news...
Mike has been doing an AWESOOOOOME job on Melessa's doll house! What a great dad he is =) He has been working on it every moment that he can, and Melessa helps out Dad when she can. It is so cute to watch the two of them standing out there in the garage painting and talking with each other. I love that they are making a bond that will last a life time and one day maybe Mike will go through this all over again but only with our grand-daughter.
here are some pictures of the current doll house...

Here is a picture of the doll house all put together but yet to be painted....

Here is it with the paint started
It's getting there!

A close up of the pink color...
If there was ever a color that was/is Melessa this is it! LOL she is my tough girly girl and I Love it!
Well other then this there hasn't been much going on here...

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