Wednesday, January 20, 2010

one of these days.... * picture heavy and kinda long*

There is a home on my mind....
It's no secert that Mike and I want to build a house for our family, not just want but Will on lots of land where it's green, there is lots of fresh air, and it's just plain flat out PRETTY....
We have been looking at home plans and drawing on napkins, kids menus, and anything else we could get our hand on for what seems like forever, or at least as long as we have been together. I sit and spend hours durning the day/night looking at homes for sale on line, the areas that they are in, so on and so forth. I want to know that is the 'norm' for homes built, what people have custom made, made bigger, not built at all... everything. I am very thankful that my husband is such an awesome artist, he draws up our dream house every time we are sitting at a table some where waiting on our food to come.
Lately, I have been surfing the web gathering pictures of things that I want in our home. Colors and styles, bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and porches.
So I thought that I would share some of them.
*You may click on any of the pictures to make them bigger*
Here are some of the kitchen styles that I like- we want LOTS and LOTS of storage ( the more the better!!) ** please note that all of these photos were found on different websites and do not belong to me, they are intended for viewing only**

Couldn't you just see yourself in this kitchen having a great dinner party?

There are things for each of these kitchens I like, although if I had to pick just one to pluck and have right from the picture it would have to be picture #....
oh Heck I can't choose! he he

here is an office that I just LOVE, - the wall color would have to change a bit - it's open enough to not feel crowded but it also has a very warm and cozy feeling to it. I love all the white, it gives it a very bright cheery look.

I love this library it just makes you want to sit down, curl up, and read a good book...or maybe write one...

This entry way doesn't really fit into the style of home that we want to build but I love it none the less, it's just amazing.
I love the windows and floors in this dining room doesn't it just make you want to have a dinner party fit enough for the Queen?

I love the wood floors... a MUST for our house!

Shouldn't every girl have a grand stair case to walk down in her prom dress or wedding gown?

I love how they widen at the bottom

just sooo pretty
I love the fire place on the porch...

perfect just needs to be a little wider...
And the CRAFT ROOM!!

and here is the outside of the house..... * due to the size of the picture it is cut of on the right side, just click on the picture to see the whole thing *

* this home is a 'real' home for sale in the state of Texas the listing is with VIP Country Properties -Belle Meade Farm- the website address is *
When it's all built is there any one that is willing to help me keep it clean? =)
I get all giddy thinking about my kids running though the grass and the dogs running around with them as I sit on my porch sipping some sweet tea from a rocker watching them....
Or watching the rain pour down as I sit inside next to the fire place listening to the flames crackle.....

*Sigh* I can hardly wait  until the day comes that we move our first box into the home... the home that our children will spend the rest of their childhood years in and the home that Mike and I will grow old in together....

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