Saturday, January 23, 2010

New friends & New Layouts...

So most by now know that I am a very addicted scrapbooker... and I have been lucky enough to find some new friends that ( in time) will be as addicted as me to scrapbooking- they are still in the ' I really like this' stage of things and not quite yet to the 'I may cry if I don't get to scrapbook today' stage of things ...
Which by the way I think I passed some time last year... but that is another post for another day... he he
But due to these new wonderful friends I have made I have gotten some layouts done due to a couple of cropping sessions we have had together so I thought I might share my 'Rock Star' layout with you....
** there is one mat that does not yet have a photo on it, this is due to the fact I have been lazy and not printed out the picture in the correct size yet**

Here is a lay out I did of Morgan
Location: Lions Park in Lemoore, Ca
Title: Rock Star
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I would love some feed back on what you think of the lay out.....
please post in the comment area below =)

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