Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spring fever...ALREADY????

So here it is the start of winter ( on December 21st) and I already have spring fever! I can hardly wait for those warm days, first buds of green, and waking up to the songs of happy little birdies. I HATE the cold (sooo very thankful we didn't end up transfered to Alaska!) and I don't like the dark coming on so early. I can at times hardly get anything done before the dark over takes everything, it gets bitter cold, and I have to get home or at least get inside the house because of the cold. So here I sit with my spring fever just waiting to go out side with out a heavy jacket, gloves, and beenie all as Needed clothing. I can hardly wait to wear dresses and heels with a light sweater and not feel like an ice cube. Man oh man I can hardly wait until Spring!

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