Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My little corner to get away too....

I am a scrapbooker..... and I am overly addicted to it.  I love the feeling that I get when I can see a page I am working on starting to 'come together' and finish in to something I had rolling aound in my head. And it's just about every scrapbookers dream to have a place to call 'their own' -their own little corner to call their scraproom. I have BIG plans for a scraproom when we build a house but for now it's my enclosed back porch. I like how sunny it is in there with the wrap around windows. I have a corner and the kids have a corner- we both have our 'art/craft' things in there. This is the first place that I have been able to have anything like this and for just a couple of tables out there I am pretty proud of it. I love to just sit out there with a cup of warm tea, my scrap supplies all over the place, the kids playing out back the the dogs and just SIT there looking at everything, thinking- I can keep the pages I am working on out in front for as long as I like and it's all okay! No more taking over the kitchen table!
I want things to be light baby blue, purple, black and white for the color theme of things. I think this is the theme that I am going to stick with when I have a bigger scrap room and it is truly a Scraproom and nothing else. I like the way the color combo seems to calm and relax me. This little corner of my home is quicky become my little ' mellow corner' as I tend to get wond up about things pretty easy at times.  I still have to get more storage for the things that I have and I still have unpacking to do, and I am GOING to find a baby blue lamp shade for my lamp ( if it kills me! grrr) but, I thought that I would share with you what I have so far! I can't wait to add more!

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