Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swaggable Lotion Review

Swaggable Review

First I have to say that I was VERY happly shocked that they send a full size bottle, I feel like I can give a MUCH, MUCH better review since I have been able to use it more then once.

I started using the lotion about 4 days ago after I got out of the shower I put it on my hands and feet while they both were still damp. The very first thing that I noticed was the smell. The smell is wonderful! Light enough to be able to tell that there is a pleasent smell but not so strong that it's un-useable.
Since I went stright to bed after putting it on for the first time I didnt notice anything about it other then the great scent, but the next day my hands and feet were so soft! I have used this every night since, not only on my hands but also on my legs and feet.

I have SUPER senstive skin and in the spring and start of summer everything makes me itch or break out in a rash.. At night when I've had just about enough of the itch and I feel like I should invest in a wire body scrubber I go and put this lotion on and it almost is an instand snooth to the itch.
I have noticed an ever so slight change in the skin on my hands, they don't seem to look so dried out and "tired/old" looking. And I havent had any dry splitting or any hang nails  (caused by being to dried out) since I started using this lotion every night.

This is what it says: "Moisturize your over-worked hands with Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream. Kissed with Argan & Rose Hip Oil to provide natural anti-aging and healing properties, this rich, non-greasy cream leaves your hands feeling soft and revived. "

 I honestly believe that this product lives up to it's promise. I will be buying this lotion from now on, this sample review has made me a true customer of this product.

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