Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Salt and Pepper Sunflower Review

Swaggable Review

I was so happy to get a full size for this review and sample!

I have to admit I am a bit of a sunflower seed junkie ( do you think they have some sort of S.F.S.A.  {Sun Flower Seed Anonymous} group I could join?)

 I was Super Duper excited to try these out I have never had then with just salt and pepper before - salt yes, but never pepper.

They came in a paper based pouch, which in all honestly I like it was SO much easier to open and I didn't worry about ripping the side so far open that they all fell out. I was able to easily open the corner up even though my hands were damp from just washing dishes.

I was unaware until opening the pkg. that they were already de-shelled which was a pleasant surprise, less mess for me to make and clean up. 

The amount of seeds in the bag did shocked me, since I thought at first that they were in shell I figured I would get a little less then half a bag's worth of seeds from it, but since that was not the case and they were already de-shelled the bag was about 3/4 + of the way full of seeds.

The taste from start to finish was consistent which was great, it didn't get to peppery or to salty at any time.  All the seeds where coated evenly and lightly, and  there wasn't a to heavy of a taste. Just enough to know that it was there and to give them a great flavor.
The seeds them self were crunchy but not rock hard, so when you bit in to a handful you have/I had a pleasant crunch ( but at no time did I think I chipped a tooth!).

Since these seeds are dried and not cooked there wasn't one single burnt seed which was beyond awesome.

They also had a great oil to them, they weren't so dried out that they were like eating crunchy dust pockets, but a pleasant slight oily texture to them like a nut should have.

If these weren't so awesome all alone I would have saved some for a salad but they were so good I ended up eating the entire pkg. in one sitting!

I will be looking for these again so that I can try them out in a salad!

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