Monday, June 17, 2013

Review on Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanner

Banana Boat
Summer Color
Self-Tanning Mist
I was asked to do a review on Banana Boats Summer Color Tanning Mist
I'm sure since I am normally the most "glow in the dark" color that most people have ever seen when it comes to my legs, I was a great pick for this review....
ha ha
The Info
The can is 5 oz. and states that it is for all skin tones the color was ' airbrush color'  and it says that it last up to 7 days  (In all honestly I REALLLLLLY hope it doesn't last that long! I tell you why in just a second!).
How well it worked
Yesterday I sprayed my legs down after a shower because the bottle says to have "clean skin" so I figured that after shaving and scrubbing down they are as clean as they are going to get! I dried my legs off and made sure that they were completely dry before I started to apply this. It was easy to apply as it's a spray can. I tried to make sure that my spray strokes where long and even as to avoid streaks. It was a little hard to reach the back of my legs evenly but I gave it all I was worth!  I then sat around in my underwear for quite a while since it says not to dress until it's all dry. 
The Color
Well folks I hate to admit it but it's the same old story here I am orange, that weird almost tanny-orange color, you know the one I'm talking about.... Yeah that one....
That is what my legs and tops of my feet are.... they are Snooki    :(
Although this tanner went on well it did take longer to dry then I would have liked but in the end I'm still an odd color, so with a sad face this gets a thumbs down.
So folks when choosing a self tanning just beware!


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