Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts Display {A Review}

Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition Facts Display


Which is normally an ugly word in this house...
 is an even more horrid word! It's right up there with taking the Lord's name in vain. We just Don't do it around here. We don't talk about being on one, needing one, nothing... because normally it means that the convo is about me. And if your talking about me, with me, and the word diet slips over your tongue and past your lips and makes sounds coming out...well there is a good chance I might eat you alive.

I just can't handle it...

You see I have a major weight complex. I grew up with an amazing Mother whom I was so, so, so blessed to have. But she was over weight. fat. obese. It makes my stomach tie in knots just typing those words out. I never wanted anyone to focus on just her weight, she was so much more in life then being bigger. And then there was me. She always made me feel so proud to be skinny. My entire identity was wrapped up in being the cute skinny one. She would always tell people...
 " Yes, that's my daughter, the skinny one." and she would just beam saying it. It made me so proud to be her 'skinny' daughter. But I never realized how much of me was about being the skinny daughter until I was no longer skinny. Until I was no longer young, cute, and thin.
I do have some health issues that might be a factor in my weight gain and I have had 3 beautiful babies but the truth is, I never worried about my weight and health before now; I didn't think there was no need to, I was still thin. So now I am learning perfect portions, how much of each thing I should be eating because - even to much of a healthy thing can be unhealthy.

About the Scale:

The scale is extremely easy to keep clean, which in my house anything kept clean is nothing short of a miracle! The entire top surface including keypad is a sheet of glass. There are no indentations to trap food or germs. The code book is printed on good quality stock and coated so it is quite resistant to soiling, which I became aware of when I kept looking through it with dirty fingers from cooking!

This scale comes in 5 different colors: red, blue, silver, black and white. I received the silver scale for my review. The scale has a total of 1999 foods stored in memory- AND you can add up to 99 of your own foods!! How awesome is that?! That is crazy impressive to me! But then again I am like a 90 year old Alzheimer patient when it comes to memory! So half that would have impressed me! HAHA

There is also the added befit that if you happen to be diabetic, this scale can save these totals; so it is an excellent solution for diabetics.
It comes in handy with someone like my husband who has had to have stomach surgery due to an ulcer and has to watch the amount he eats along with what he eats.

This scale has come in handy more often then I thought it would honestly. We are using it every day now for every meal. It has helped us figure out how much is in each meal and how much to give each person on their plate.
We want to teach our children that healthy habits now lead to healthy habits later, and this scale has been a great tool for doing so.

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