Monday, September 8, 2014

Best Nut Milk Bag Review + Giveaway

Best Nut Milk Bag Review + Giveaway


Nut Milk....
 Stop laughing, don't be dirty 
... okay, okay my husband laughed like a 1st grader when I told him I was making nut milk for the first time....
 I have never tried to make any type of nut milk ever before, so when I agreed to try this out I was excited and nervous. I mean how the heck am I going to be able to make the almond milk that my family drinks? But we feel that homemade and natural is best, so I was going to give it a shot! I figured it was worth what ever headache I was going to have if I was going to get drinkable almond milk from it!
 I did some research online to start to figure out what I needed and needed to do.  You receive a free e-book with your purchase, which goes on to explain what you need and how to do things.
I was quite impressed with this bag, it's strong and durable. Since this is my first milk bag I have nothing to compare it too, but from what I understand it's defiantly one of the better ones out there. The stitching and seams are strong and aren't going to rip and break about the first time that you use it.    
And since the mesh is so fine there isn't anything but liquid getting through. Although I haven't tried it yet- but have plans to-  you can use the pulp left over to make almond butter out of. I can't wait to make some, my family is going to be so excited!
 The milk it's self came out smooth and creamy.
Washing the bag was easy too, I just used a tiny bit of dish soap and rubbed the bag down and rinsed with warm water, and then just left it over the top of a cup.  There was just a tiny bit left in the seams and when it was dry I was able to shake it all out and then I just rinsed again and put it over a cup to dry again. Easy as that! I can't wait to try juicing with this bag! The thought of no seeds excites me! HAHA!  
 Here is what the company has to say:
  • Save Time, Get Better Yield & Less Waste with No Stretching or Tearing! Our Nut Milk Bag is Made with a Premium, Tight Weave, Fine 200 Micron Monofilament Mesh. This Durable, High Quality Material Is Perfect for Squeezing Without Tearing or Ripping the Bag. This Means Less Waste and Smoother, Better Tasting Nut Milks, Juices, Yogurts and Cold Brew Coffee That You Only Have To Filter Once.
  • Less Waste With Our Rounded Bottom Bags. Flat Bottom Bags Means Milk Shoots Out Sideways Through Each Corner, Creating Waste and Mess! Corners Also Form Holes, Which Lets Pulp Through, Causing Frustration and Waste. You Don't Have to Worry About That With Vita Nut Milk Bag's Rounded Bottom and Premium Double Stitching. Rounded Bottoms Mean No Pulp is Left Behind Cleaning, so Your Bags Stay Sanitary for Longer.
  • No Cheap Plastic or Elastic Openings Means Healthier Drinks! Our Convenient, Durable Drawstring Creates Easy Filtering and Drying. This is Perfect For Unattended Straining and Sprouting, Saving You Time and Energy. Just Hang, and Walk Away! Use the Drawstring to Hang or Stand Up the Bag for Quick, Complete Drying. This Means No Mold Like Get With Other Bags, and Healthier Nut Milks, Juices, Yogurts, and Cold Brew Coffee for You & Your Family.
  • Easiest Pouring and Straining of Any Nut Milk Bag. Large Opening Fits Over Most Containers and Glass Jars. This Makes it Better, Easier, Faster, and More Convenient Than a Cheesecloth.
  • Get Pulp Free Results That You Only Have to Filter Once - Saves You Time & Money. Our 12" x 10" Size and Easy to Cinch Drawstring Means Your Nut Milk or Juice Does Not Ooze Out of the Top Like With Other, Smaller Strainer Bags. This is the Best Size For Large or Small Batches, Reducing Your Overall Prep and Cleaning Time
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