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Kids E-mail { A Review}

Kids E-mail

{A Review}

Do you have kids that use computer? Without supervision?  Or do you have children that want to e-mail grandparents and family but you don't want them on your personal e-mail account?

 I am one of those people!
I have a daughter who is old enough to use the computer without me standing over her shoulder, but we still want to be able to keep a close eye on her on-line activates. My daughter is 13 and she had been begging to be allowed to have an email account so that she could email friends and family on her own.

 We still won't allow her to have a social media account anywhere I.E. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We just don't feel like she has the maturity we think she needs just yet, to be a cautious as she needs to be.

The answer to this problem is Kids Email , she gets an account but everything sent to and from the account have copies sent to my email address as well. This way I know if she is crossing a line with her friends that she shouldn't be. Yes, she knows that I get copies of all her emails. She understands that we want her to be as safe as possible in person and online and this is a way to help gain our trust to get a Facebook account in a year like she wants.

We were so impressed with the service that we even made an account for our 8 year old son when he asked.

They can only e-mail the addresses that I have logged into their address book, and those are the only addresses that can e-mail them back.
They have their own log in, so that they can't get into each other's accounts. There is a kids, teen, and parent log in.
And since I made their log ins I know the passwords, but my parent account gives me excess anyways.
And now they even have an app so your kids can email on the go! Like when you are on a family trip and they just can't wait to send that picture to their Grandparent!

My family loves being able to email pictures and daily tid-bits back an forth with the kids, and I love that they are building up responsible trust with their Father and I.
Now this is a paid service and it's about $40.00 or so a year, but to us that's a small price to pay to know that our kids are safe sharing online.
You can try it for FREE first though to see if it's a good fit for your family? How awesome is that?!
A little about the company: was established in 2009. The concept and idea was written and designed to be a part of the solution to protect children and families online. was designed to compliment our Internet Safety product called My Kids Browser. My Kids Browser is an internet browser that only allows kids to go to websites that you choose.

Here are some highlights of the program:
The Mail Queue allows the parent to intercept an email that failed the safety rules that you set for your child (such as someone not in their contact list attempting to send them an email). The parent can then approve the email to be sent to their child or deny and remove the email from the mail queue

You can choose to restrict times of the day and days of the week that your child can login. You can even ground them for a certain period of time and display a custom message from you when they attempt to log in!

For Kids that use our free mobile app on a GPS enabled mobile device, get a historical location of where your kids have been.

If you allow your child to receive email from anyone, you can still block specific people by adding them to a custom blacklist.
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*I was sent a free 6 months of this program in return for my honest review

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