Saturday, August 30, 2014

Healthy Now Colon Cleanse Detox Plus {A Review}

 Healthy Now Colon Cleanse

Detox Plus

{A Review}

Okay....sooooooooooo Ummmm.......... Well...........
 Okay, okay...
Talking about a colon cleanse can be a little well , private or plain down embarrassing.
To tell you the truth, I have never done one before this, thought about - yes, actually done one- no.
The honest truth is because I have heard horror stories about having 'leaky butt'  during and I wanted to avoid that like people avoid the plaque.  
So until now I have never ever done one, and if I would have had this cleanse all along I wouldn't have been so scared.
 Now here is a slight moment of TMI...
 but you need to know in order to understand...
 I don't hardly go a day with out being bloated, gassy, and my bowl movements are so non-consistent that I almost feel like throwing a party when they are normal for more then 6 hours.
Okay TMI is over you can uncover your eyes now.
 I was worried about cramps, having to run to the bathroom all the time, and it kinda just 'hitting' me out of no where.  But I didn't have any of that!
 No cramping, no overly bloated with gas and horrible pressure, and no running and diving for the bathroom. And it didn't just hit me like the broad side of a barn either.

It just felt like I had to go to the bathroom- like normal. Now how well it cleaned me out, I defiantly was empty, that's for sure. But I felt sooo much better after and lighter.
I only took one that day.
That is all I have really taken is 1pill a day for about a week now and I am so much more regular. I figured that 7 days of taking the cleanse would be good enough and when I feel sluggish, weighed down, or overly bloated I will do this again for a couple of days and flush my system out again.
 I like that these pills aren't full of chemicals and things I can't even pronounce.
 Here is what the company has to say:
  • Mild but Extremely Effective Laxative - Relieves Constipation, Gas, & Indigestion. 
  • 90 Veg Caps
  • Promotes Digestive Health and Healthy Weight Loss. 
  • All Natural Herbal Detox Formula - NO Artificial Ingredients - The Purest Total Body Cleanse
  • Cleanses, Stimulates & Nourishes the Colon - Jumpstart Your Slimming Process With The Best Colon Cleanse For Belly Fat Reduction
  • Helps Eliminate Built-Up Waste. Enjoy a Flatter Tummy & Fresher Breath!
  • Your order is covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee! All HealthyNow products are Made in the USA in a GMP, FDA approved laboratory.
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