Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios®

 Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios®

I have had the pleasure of trying out  Dark Chocolate Multigrain Cheerios® through Platefull CoOp and for those of you that know me also tend to know I am weird when it comes to foods. I'm not a big breakfast person and I WILL NOT eat anything that is soggy, getting soggy, or made to feel mushy it's just... * Gagging sounds*  gross.  So I was a little apprehensive with it being cereal, I'm not a big fan.... normally that is. I can't ever seem to eat it before it gets to the dreaded place... the softer side of things * gagging noises* .

But to my shock and awe I loved these Cheerios so much that I have been able to eat them before they got soggy. I feel full after a bowl of them and not like I need to have at least another 2 or 3 to feel like I have had anything at all, which is what I have had happen to me in the past and then I am eating the entire box just trying to get full. And a plus this is a cereal that not only I like but my family does as well!
 How flustering is it to walk onto the cereal isle in the supermarket with your kids only to be asked for 10 different boxes and kind, none of them being the same? Well since I coupon my kids know that even if they ask there is a good chance that they won't be getting what they are asking for.  But now that we all have ONE cereal that we all like I am able to but it with or with out coupons. Since I am not having to buy a bunch of different kinds I am saving all sorts of money! How Awesome is that?!

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*Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

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