Friday, February 7, 2014

Cauliflower Tots

Hmmm I might have to just try these...

Cauliflower Tots

Sometimes a recipe comes along that I just can't wait to share. This one is life changing. Well at least it will change your life if your weakness is the french fry, or tater tot.  I was going to wait for Monday to post this.  But after posting a teaser on facebook about the upcoming recipe, and having so many of you ask for it now. I had to finish my edits and get it up on the site for you all.  Please Pin, Like, Share, and Repost!  Let's let everyone know there is a much healthier option!  Yes, no matter how successful I am in my healthy eating quest, I still crave that salty crunchy goodness with the warm creamy filling. I allow myself to indulge in my weakness from time to time, but I...Read More

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