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The Everything Binder CD - Financial, Estate and Personal Affairs Organizer

The Everything Binder CD
Financial, Estate, & Personal Affairs Organizer

14 years ago my Mother passed away suddenly, it was a Wednesday afternoon I was saddling up and riding my mare getting ready for the queens rodeo contest that my sister and I were to be competing in that weekend. And all of a sudden in our home she had a heart attack.
Event like these tend to make you think in a different light. I learned right away that my family is gold to me and the next moment in time is not promised to anyone- ever.
 The days, week, and even months after her death were filled with my Father finding paper work, filling things out, getting all the I's dotted and T's crossed.
Most people don't ever think about events like this until something happens and they are forced to. Death is to some something that is scary, dark, and a big gapping black void they would like to Avoid as much as possible.
And that is perfectly understandable.

This CD-ROM is needed in every house, I really do believe that. This digi binder of sorts has you fill out things for everything- from wills and estate information to medical information. I has tips on things like letting at least 2 different people know where it is at, so in the horrible event something does happen then there is someone that is able to get it and get the needed information from it.

This is what someone else said, and honestly I couldn't have put it in better terms:

"The CD includes the obvious things, of course, such as medical history, insurance policies, investment accounts, real estate, debts, estate planning, and funeral arrangements, but it also covers some things that many people might overlook, like log-in information for personal devices and online accounts, obituary, and even directives about pets. I know from personal experience that having this information readily available when loved ones pass away is far less stressful on the survivors.

The CD is a single PDF file (22MB) that's open for recording. Since the file can be written to, it's very easy to revise the information, and if desired, the file can be emailed to other parties who you want to have it. The file can also be printed for ready reference."

And I even recommend doing so, so that you have a hard copy of everything.

I haven't seen any other similar product on the market that's as comprehensive and flexible as The Everything Binder. It's an ideal way to record and update personal information for your own reference and to help others handle your affairs in case of your death or incapacitation.
 I know that it's not anything anyone really wants to think about but, as reasonable and responsible  adults it's something that we need to think about. If something happened to you- even if your children are grown, don't you always want to leave them with things put together?  I'm sure no one honestly wants to purposefully wants to bring on that type of extra stress to their loved ones.
 And it's less stress on you because you know that everything is already in one place and you don't have to go searching for it!

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