Saturday, May 24, 2014

Such a bad blogger!

Such a Bad Blogger!

 I know I say this all the time, but I really am a bad blogger! UGH I'm so sorry everyone that I haven't posted in a while. My washer went out, which in this house is a travesty! I would almost swear that when you close my laundry room door my laundry breeds-like rabbits in the spring time! We got it fixed just in time to wash cloths to....go on an AMAZING family vacation to Walt Disney World for 2 weeks! I'll post some pictures at the end of this post. Then when we got home baseball season started for our oldest son and life has been revolving around practices and games ever since! Not that I mind in the least bit but it does make doing anything else a little harder. we come in so late at times that the thought of sitting a writing a blog post is so daunting that it just gets pushed to the sidelines and I'm sorry! I do like blogging! I just wish there was more then one of me so I could get all that I want to done in a timely manner!

 Our trip to WDW was amazing, none of us had ever been there before- it always seems to work out either myself or hubby has been to where ever we are going before. This time it was so much fun getting to do it all together for the first time at the same time!  I always love watching the awe on my kids faces and watch their eyes light up. There was defiantly plenty of that on the trip. We also make it to Daytona Beach for the last night of bike week, went to the beach, and got to watch the sun rise over the ocean for the first time ever- we have seen it SET over the ocean but never rise. That was one of the coolest things of our trip- well for me at least.
We also got a great deal on a hotel room through we didn't stay at a Disney resort because it just wasn't in budget but we ONLY spent $199.95 for 5 nights just a few miles from the park. It was a motel 6, but the room was clean, the area around the hotel was nice/ nice neighborhood, and it wasn't to far from food and stores. So we were happy with our choice, and we didn't even have to put down a deposit either- we paid in full with cash when we got there, and a room was guaranteed as well. 
But enough of this rambling on I just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and there are several amazing reviews headed your way!...
 Now pictures as promised!  I promise to add more soon!

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