Friday, March 28, 2014

Blow-Out Blocker {A Review}

The Blow Out Blocker

A Review
There is nothing quite like picking up your amazing beautiful little one only to plant your hand on the small of their back and smoosh it into goo...
Yeah you know what kind of goo I'm talking about..... yep, that kind....
A blow out of
You might be gagging a little or maybe even a lot but one thing will always remain the same... you have to clean the mess. And as a mom of a cloth diapering bundle who should have the middle name of "blow out king" I know a little about this adventure in parenthood better then I ever wanted to.
I have been blessed to try out, test, and review an amazing product called The Blow Out Blocker or as we call it in our house the short and shirt saver! This great product wraps around your little one and secures with hook and loop (velerco). We had no problems with it wiggling or shifting.  And it's thin, so you don't have to worry about it being bulky and trying to get clothes to fit over it. Once you have diaper on your little one you just wrap this around them and secure it with the hook and loop.  The larger part layes against babys back so when your little does have a blow out it doesn't get on shirts and such when it travels up their back.

Here is a link to a you tube video how it goes on
Still wondering how well it works? 
Let me tell you the story of how well it worked out for us .....

Currently {as in right at this moment while I am writing this posting} we are traveling from our home in northeast Texas to Orlando, Florida to Walt Disney World. Max hadn't pooped in 3 days and we are talking about a kid who poops at least 3 times a day on a normal day. Yes, yes, I was a little scared for that diaper that I knew was to come! Well it finally happened.... while we stopped at Panda Express for dinner, I was so excited to have 'Panda' again! We haven't had it since we lived in California.
Well, first it was a glance at me,  then a bit of a distored look, redding of his cheeks, then it was him telling me he had to potty... then the smell hit like a slap in the face.  He then suddenly seemed much happier and relaxed. As he got out of his seat and waddled over {Yes! Waddled it was so full!} I already knew there was no diaper in the world that could handle all that was in there waiting for me.
Thank the good luck of having "The Blocker" on him, it caught it all! I was kinda shocked and elated all at the same time. It was an easy clean up and I took off his shirt and shorts and unwrapped The Blocker from around him.  I wiped off his back and then changed his diaper. I have never been so happy for a "good" wetbag like that before! When we get to the hotel room, I'll rinse everything out and wash it with the diapers. Easy peasy! I think every parent should have several of it these! Traveling with them have been a blessing so glad we had it when we did! I don't even want to start to think about the mess that I would have had to clean if it hadn't of been for "The Blocker" being on him when it was!
Here is a you tube video of the blowout blocker in action
By the time I get home and get this posted it this event will just be a memory- one that I'll be glad to have behind me! HA! HA!
These are going to be one of my new 'go to' gifts for any baby shower that I am invited to and any time that I need to get a gift for a new parent, this is going to be of those  every parent 'need to have' types of gifts!
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