Monday, December 2, 2013

Copy-Kids DVD ...a Review

Copy-Kids DVD

 Having trouble getting your little one to eat those greens on his or her plate? How about not wanting to touch the fruit in that bowl you  gave them? I think every parent at some point goes through this with their children

 In our house, I have a favorite phrase when it comes to my kids....

 Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Get In Trouble too....
  If the oldest one does something the next one in line wants to do it too- all the way down to the baby. This DVD is perfect for kids that are just like mine, they want to do what they see - weather it be on T.V., watching something on YouTube, or just watching their friends do it. It seems to always be a game of copy cat to some extent.
This DVD plays up to just that....

 Here is a video promo of the DVD:
  With the DVD of Copy-Kids you can get your little one eating their veggies and fruits in no time!
 My kids aren't one to normally pass up on veggies and fruits, but the baby seems to be at the point where if I don't get him eating more veggies and fruits I'll have a picky eater on my hands, and in this house there is a good chance he might starve to death ( I'm just joking! kinda... ha ha).
  My best advise is to watch this DVD before having your little ones watch so you know what foods to have on hand, that way when they start asking for them you are able to let them try it out, or to even just offer it to them while they are watching it.

  It worked well with my youngest who is currently 20 months, as he started watching it he was mesmerized, he sat there are just starred. After a while he started giving me the sign for "eat" and asking for food. I know he wasn't aware of what he was asking for but I gave him the food that he was watching the kids on the DVD eat. As the DVD played he sat there are ate right along with the kids.  He seemed to have fun being able to eat right along with them. Like I mentioned before he's not a 'picky eater' per say but if I don't get him to eat more of the colors he just might end up being my first picky eater.  

  This DVD is about one thing every parent wants to do- get their own kids to eat their veggies and fruits with out a fight, and because this plays up to the copy cat effect your kids will be eating their fruits and veggies in no time- and doing so with out a fight! In fact they might even start asking for them!

Here is the link and the hook up to get your copy of your own DVD

If you buy this DVD I would love for you to let me know how it worked for you and your kids,
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Happy Eating!

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