Saturday, November 23, 2013

Like Nailing Jell-O to a Tree

Like Nailing Jell-O to a Tree

Ever heard of the term "It's like nailing Jell-O to a tree."? Or how about " Like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos." ?
If your a mom there is a good chance that you have .... and had the same problem I seem to be having today....

Which is....

Trying to clean the house with a Very involved toddler. He is just in to everything! This is how my day ( well morning anyways) pretty much went..

5:30 am: wake up, get dressed, start coffee pot

6 am: Get older kids up and get them started on getting ready for school

6:45 am: Out the door to school

7:30 am: Home from dropping off older ones at their school(s)

7:34 am: Mop up Oatmeal mess from above mentioned toddler... from coffee table, floor, and high chair

7:35 am: Start mopping up what was left of my coffee from the table, kitchen floor, and sofa

8 am: Hear "ha ha down!" coming from the downstairs guest bathroom, RUUUN to go see, catch the AAA size batteries just before they head down the toilet

8:30 am: Come out of the office/libary and hear a crunching sound under foot, look down to see a white rice trail going through the 1st floor like a small path leading to my demise

 9 am: NAP TIME!!! 

10am: Nap time over WAY to soon for Mommy

10:05 am: Get caught up in the toilet paper that seems to of made it's way out of the bathroom and rolled down the stair case all the while leaving a nice trail for me to follow, you know, just in case I get lost going down the staircase.

10:07 am: Hear some sort of evil laughter coming from the kitchen

10:08 am: Get to kitchen just in time to watch the spoons and forks go flying across the kitchen all the while he is laughing and signing the word 'eat' to me.


 This was just part of my morning, and by the time I got to about 10:30 in the morning all I thought was " Hmmm wonder if I could get him to go down for another nap!?" Man! I try making sure the house is at least picked up and a little clean when Hubby gets home from duty, after spending 2 or more days at the fire station I know he just wants to come home and relax and he isn't able to do that if the house looks like it got his by an F5 size tornado!  So it looks like tonight after the kids all go to bed I will be spending some much needed kid free time cleaning the house.... or well at least the parts of the house that Max aka Monster was involved in today!....

Maybe I should start taking 'before' pictures just so my husband can see that I really have done something! HA HA

Well I guess it's on to cleaning for me!!

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