Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Home Update

Our Home Update

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Thought I would give you all an update on the AMAZING job that my hubby is doing on the house. When we first moved in all the work that needed to be done to the house was a little over whelming that's for sure, but my Hubby has been doing steady work on it since the day he move in- January 2012!  Here are some pictures from when we first moved in....
  Our Street. Don't you just LOVE it?

This is to be my craft room

Our library

Our living room

Our dining room

Our kitchen (sort of!)

The 'down stairs' family room

Our staircase

 The upstairs hallway

Bedroom #1

Master bathroom

Bedroom #2

There are two more bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bathroom between bedroom #2 and #3 but I can't seem to find pictures of them any where although I know I have them somewhere! We also have a breakfast nook, guest bathroom, laundry room, maids closet, full house basement, and a separate guest house. Every single room., let me repeat that... EVERY. Single. Room. needs something done to it.
Here are some of our plans:
Up stairs:
We are putting in a private bathroom for every bedroom, moving the laundry up stairs, moving the master bathroom to the other side of the bedroom,  building a balcony off the front of the house, repairing and fixing all the bedrooms, building bigger closets in the master and room #3, building a sitting room in the master bedroom.
Down stairs:
 We are expanding the kitchen by using the breakfast nook and making it part of the kitchen, building a HUGE pantry, building an outdoor kitchen and patio off of the back of the kitchen, repairing and painting the formal dining room, repairing and painting the living room and replacing the fireplace, redoing the craft room into a guest room/ craft room, replacing the pillars in the front of the house and fixing the front porch, completely remodeling the library to add in more book shelves and a bigger fire place, and the staircase needs to be refurbished. And don't get me started on the guess house we don't even know how to save it. We are thinking we are going to have to have it tore down and rebuilt from the bottom up. 
Don't get me wrong this is a complete work of Love...well most days anyways.  
 We also have a huge brick wall that needs to be righted as well ( another current project my amazing hubby has going on!)
 Well guess this post has going on long enough!! HAHA I will post again with updated pictures of the house and what we have done to it!

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