Friday, September 20, 2013

Influenster and my First VoxBox


   Want a great way to try out new products for free? Or how about a way to look up real honest   reviews on products??? Here is an AWESOME web site to do both on!!
   Influenster lets you do both of those things for free! I just received my very first VoxBox which is the box that they send with the product in it to try out, for FREE.  You earn different boxes with different products -  the more you do on the site the more likely you are to get a box! It's pretty straight fwd and simple, and so far I'm loving it! I just got the Colgate #SlimSoft box with a new toothbrush to try out which is perfect timing since I was needing a new one!  I'll come back and update on how well it works!
 OH MY GOSH! I LOVE this toothbrush! I have gums that for as long as I can remember have given me fits every time I brush  my teeth, I hate to floss because of it. But this toothbrush is heaven sent! not once did my gums bleed, hurt, or become sore! My mouth always felt super clean, I was able to get the food in-between my teeth out a lot easier and the bristles/ head is SUPER soft, so soft I have never had a toothbrush this soft before and I love it! I can't wait to buy  my other family members the same toothbrushes! They are going to LOVE them!

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