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Healing Hearts Book Review

Healing Hearts

Written by

Hisashi Nikaidoh. MD

A Book Review

I have to start out this review by saying that I saw a request from the publisher for blog reviewers and I requested this book. Not because I have some weird twisted want to be broken hearted, sad, to cry, or to feel pain. But because I wanted to know How ones deals with the loss of what we know to be so precious... I have never ( thank the good Lord above) ever felt the loss of a child I have given birth to.
 I could not even start to understand the pain of losing a child that I have touched, held, kissed, loved on, or just simply looked in to the eyes of. I have lost a baby in pregnancy though and as horrid and heart breaking as that event in my life was, it still is not the reason I wanted to read this book.
 I wanted to read this book to understand just even a glimpse into what a friend is currently going through. They ( I will not be naming names of this family) lost their youngest son to childhood cancer. This little boy was an amazing bright star in all of the lives he came in contact with ~ his smiles, his dimples, even after he got sick and was going though treatments his adorably cute bald head. Everything about him just seemed to be a shining light of joy. And he had his treatments at Children's Hospital of Dallas, where much of this book takes place.

I was happily shocked at the "this is how I was and this is how I am" honestly of the book. This book is made up of the several different stories and encounters of several Moms whom have each lost a child, as well as Dr. Nikaidoh who so tragically lost his son.
 I have to admit that my copy of this book has become very tear stained as I made my way though it. This entire book is based from a Christian point of view and healing ( there are just NOT enough books like this is the world!) I love how boldly this book talks about each person's faith - having it and at times losing it,  and then finding it again.
There were several stories that really touched me, they all touched me don't get me wrong, but there are always those few that really stand out in your mind and in your heart.
One of those stories is chapter 6, Shanna Shield-Thomas. I don't honestly know why her story hit my heart so hard. It might be because I read through it at about 1 am, and reading her words of sorrow about her crying on the kitchen floor just stuck with me as I realized how quite my own home was at that moment. My own precious children tucked and sleeping in their beds.  Reading how she talks about Ethan, how "boy" he was reminded me of my own boys, who are currently 7 years and 15 months. Or maybe it's that I felt the need to pray, not just for her but for each person in this book after reading her story. Her story- one of joys, sorrow, pain, loss,  finding love again, and healing.
Honestly all the stories are this way, I cried and mourned over each one,  each child, each life lost, for each parent and the horrible loss they must feel. But by the end of each chapter my heart had been healed as well.
She puts it well talking about pain and grieving she says:
" But there's no roadmap, no shortcut, no tried-and-true prescription to get through grief whether your young or old. You just do the best you can."
Those words ring true not just for the loss of a child for but for any real loss in ones life. And although I wish I could say I haven't lost anyone in life, Oh to be oh so lucky; I am not. My Mother passed away in 2000 when she was 35 years old, I was 18 and my sister was 12. Even as a child losing a parent those words ring true.  You really just try to do the best you can, each day is a new day to try and it's up to you just how hard your 'try' is. And know that every step of the way the Lord our God is right there with you.
I couldn't agree more with this simple but, true review:
"Healing Hearts sends a clear message about a plan beyond human understanding, i.e. the Sovereignty of God. --C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD, Former Surgeon General of the United States"
I have a new found heart for the parents that have had to lay a child to rest. I see things through new eyes and a new heart thanks to this book. I pray that through my new knowledge I will be able to ' better walk' with those I know that have lost a child.
I am honored to be able to review this book, and learn how so many have been put whole again when in a time like that a parent thinks nothing will ever be whole again.
This is no doubt a 5 star rated book, 2 thumbs up in every way.
And to make matters ever more wonderful a portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals { just click to go right to their site}
I highly recommend that you go out and get your copy and read it. I promise you  your going to cry so have some tissues but your going to heal as well....
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