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A Charity Wedding!!

A Charity Wedding....

 I saw this blog post and I couldn't help but re-blog it, what a great idea! The post is pretty much just a copy and paste of the page ( the link to the post is below) that way I didn't miss anything or change it with out meaning to!

The original post

If you want to enter the give away you will have to go to the link above ^^^^^^ and follow the instructions. Good Luck!

Our Charity Wedding. #BrandsWanted @StBaldricks

I’m donating a $100 Amazon Gift Card at the bottom of this post…Help me get the word out!
Sooo, here we go. Today begins our Charity Wedding drive to raise money to help some very sick kids. There will be some great giveaways along the way provided by some adventurous brands, plenty of ways you can help spread the word, and lots of chances to win. And ALL of the proceeds will go to our favorite pediatric cancer research charity, St. Baldricks. Hope you’ll subscribe (right sidebar) and come back often to donate, spread the word, and discover all the fun giveaways that brands will (hopefully) provide!

Our Charity Wedding – The Story

It all started with a silly discussion and some tweets about attracting brands to sponsor our wedding. We’re getting married in July at Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas in, well, Cancun.
This is Shay. And that’s me. Clearly, she’s the cute one.
Charity Wedding Jay and Shay
And when we were done amusing ourselves, we realized that even though we’re not wealthy people, we’re blessed with love, and eleventy-gillion mostly healthy kids.
And it further occurred to us that we have an opportunity to raise some money kids who need the help far more than we do. And so, the idea of our charity wedding was born. We were approached by our first adventurous brand sponsor, Taco Cabana (yum), and then others followed. Learn about Taco Cabana’s fantastic giveaway: “Taco Cabana For A Year“.

So how’s this gonna work?

Today we start fundraising. We’ll continue to post and raise awareness, and hopefully attract more great brand donations. Shay and I will get married in July, and next spring (Date,Time and Location TBA) I’ll shave my head at a St. Baldrick’s venue, most likely in Dallas. And there may be more surprises along the way… Maybe one lucky brand might end up with their logo on my freshly shorn melon?!

The Charity, and Why.

Charity Wedding St BaldricksSt. Baldrick’s is an amazing organization. The whole premise is that kids undergoing cancer treatment often don’t get to make the decision whether or not to lose their hair. It just happens. And it’s scary. So people like us, “Shavees” as we’re called, make the choice to raise money for St. Baldrick’s pediatric cancer research, then we come together to have our heads shaved in a symbolic tribute to those kids who don’t get to make the choice. I’ve shaved a couple of times, the last time being the top earner at my venue.
This year, I hope to blow that number out of the water. With your help, and the help of some fantastic brands.
And why? Well, I’ve lost two cousins to cancer. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor. I have dear friends with a daughter who’s sick. And because I know that my kids will have kids. And I want seriously fantastic treatments in place if they get sick. That’s why.
Watch my 2008 head shaving video here.

What can you do?

1. Donate. Give till it hurts. Give a little, give a lot. Help me help some very sick kids. Go Here to discover how easy it is to pull out a credit card and feel really good about helping St Baldrick’s continue to provide funding for invaluable research.
6-3-2013 2-48-00 PM
2. Help me get the word out about this fundraising effort by participating the sweepstakes below. I’m donating a $100 Amazon Gift Card below in an effort to jump start spreading the news. Take advantage of all the options to earn lots of entries, and help get the word out.
3. Facebook- What would REALLY help spread the word is for you to share this post with your Facebook following. You’ll see the social sharing buttons below at the bottom of this post… Please Like and Share!!
4. Come back here often. My hope is that more brands will jump on board, and there will be lots of great product donations to give away! The easiest way to never miss one will be to subscribe to Halftime Lessons via email, in the right sidebar.

WANTED: More Brands!!

This post is the central hub of our fundraising effort. We’d love to prominently showcase your brand logo here, at a minimum until next spring, when I shave my head for St. Baldrick’s. If you donate cash, or a product or service, I’ll write an individualized post like I did for Taco Cabana, orchestrate a giveaway of your donation, showcase your logo below, and ensure that every penny raised from your donation goes to St. Baldrick’s. We’re open to your ideas and suggestions, just Contact Us! (PS – Do you REALLY want to make a splash? Donate, and send a representative from your company to Dallas next spring to shave their head with me!)

Our Adventurous Brands

Click on each brand logo to learn about their donation.
TC Logo

More to come!!

Spread the word, and win!

Of course we’d love for you to donate. But if you can’t, maybe you can help us spread the word? Use your social channels to help us get the word out, and earn entries to this month’s giveaway by performing some of the tasks below.
Perform the required entry, and then several optional entries will appear. You’ve got chances to earn entries every day simply by helping us spread the word about our charity wedding! And during the month of June, one lucky winner will receive one $100 Amazon Gift Card… Good luck

A little note from me:
 I wish them the best of luck, prayer, and love in their new life together. I am sure the wedding will go off with out a hitch and I pray that they blow their goal out of the water when it comes to helping these kids!

Review on Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanner

Banana Boat
Summer Color
Self-Tanning Mist
I was asked to do a review on Banana Boats Summer Color Tanning Mist
I'm sure since I am normally the most "glow in the dark" color that most people have ever seen when it comes to my legs, I was a great pick for this review....
ha ha
The Info
The can is 5 oz. and states that it is for all skin tones the color was ' airbrush color'  and it says that it last up to 7 days  (In all honestly I REALLLLLLY hope it doesn't last that long! I tell you why in just a second!).
How well it worked
Yesterday I sprayed my legs down after a shower because the bottle says to have "clean skin" so I figured that after shaving and scrubbing down they are as clean as they are going to get! I dried my legs off and made sure that they were completely dry before I started to apply this. It was easy to apply as it's a spray can. I tried to make sure that my spray strokes where long and even as to avoid streaks. It was a little hard to reach the back of my legs evenly but I gave it all I was worth!  I then sat around in my underwear for quite a while since it says not to dress until it's all dry. 
The Color
Well folks I hate to admit it but it's the same old story here I am orange, that weird almost tanny-orange color, you know the one I'm talking about.... Yeah that one....
That is what my legs and tops of my feet are.... they are Snooki    :(
Although this tanner went on well it did take longer to dry then I would have liked but in the end I'm still an odd color, so with a sad face this gets a thumbs down.
So folks when choosing a self tanning just beware!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! 2013

Happy Father's Day! 2013

As a mom of 3 I some times get a little to wrapped up in my day to day routine and I am shamed and embarrassed to admit but I sometimes forget just how amazing, important, and wonderfully blessed we are to have my husband as part of our lives, as the father to my 3 very active kids he not only makes sure that we as a family have what we need and sometimes want but he also is an amazing husband, who also works as a full time fire fighter which means when he goes to work he doesn't come back any sooner then 48 hours later. He puts in some super long hours and then comes home and works his butt off either working on the house, yard, or doing something out with me and the kids. When one of the kids has a sport going on if he isn't on duty he's there, not a single game missed on his off duty days.  He is just pain put amazing and wonderful! And I have to give a big shout out to  him and say Happy Father's Day Babe!
We love you so very much!

 I have to give a shout out to my own Dad in all of this too, he worked so hard for his family when we were growing up. Long hours and long drives to work. Many, MANY, MANNNNNNY hours at horse shows and events with my sister and I. We couldn't have done it with out him. Country fairs, 4-H events, shows, gymkhanas, barrel races, rodeos ect... the list goes on and on. Thanks Dad for all the hours, sweat, blood, and tears you have to us!
Your awesomesauce!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Salt and Pepper Sunflower Review

Swaggable Review

I was so happy to get a full size for this review and sample!

I have to admit I am a bit of a sunflower seed junkie ( do you think they have some sort of S.F.S.A.  {Sun Flower Seed Anonymous} group I could join?)

 I was Super Duper excited to try these out I have never had then with just salt and pepper before - salt yes, but never pepper.

They came in a paper based pouch, which in all honestly I like it was SO much easier to open and I didn't worry about ripping the side so far open that they all fell out. I was able to easily open the corner up even though my hands were damp from just washing dishes.

I was unaware until opening the pkg. that they were already de-shelled which was a pleasant surprise, less mess for me to make and clean up. 

The amount of seeds in the bag did shocked me, since I thought at first that they were in shell I figured I would get a little less then half a bag's worth of seeds from it, but since that was not the case and they were already de-shelled the bag was about 3/4 + of the way full of seeds.

The taste from start to finish was consistent which was great, it didn't get to peppery or to salty at any time.  All the seeds where coated evenly and lightly, and  there wasn't a to heavy of a taste. Just enough to know that it was there and to give them a great flavor.
The seeds them self were crunchy but not rock hard, so when you bit in to a handful you have/I had a pleasant crunch ( but at no time did I think I chipped a tooth!).

Since these seeds are dried and not cooked there wasn't one single burnt seed which was beyond awesome.

They also had a great oil to them, they weren't so dried out that they were like eating crunchy dust pockets, but a pleasant slight oily texture to them like a nut should have.

If these weren't so awesome all alone I would have saved some for a salad but they were so good I ended up eating the entire pkg. in one sitting!

I will be looking for these again so that I can try them out in a salad!

Want to try and review samples your self? Here is the site! Swaggable
The link to my review on site: Review

Swaggable Lotion Review

Swaggable Review

First I have to say that I was VERY happly shocked that they send a full size bottle, I feel like I can give a MUCH, MUCH better review since I have been able to use it more then once.

I started using the lotion about 4 days ago after I got out of the shower I put it on my hands and feet while they both were still damp. The very first thing that I noticed was the smell. The smell is wonderful! Light enough to be able to tell that there is a pleasent smell but not so strong that it's un-useable.
Since I went stright to bed after putting it on for the first time I didnt notice anything about it other then the great scent, but the next day my hands and feet were so soft! I have used this every night since, not only on my hands but also on my legs and feet.

I have SUPER senstive skin and in the spring and start of summer everything makes me itch or break out in a rash.. At night when I've had just about enough of the itch and I feel like I should invest in a wire body scrubber I go and put this lotion on and it almost is an instand snooth to the itch.
I have noticed an ever so slight change in the skin on my hands, they don't seem to look so dried out and "tired/old" looking. And I havent had any dry splitting or any hang nails  (caused by being to dried out) since I started using this lotion every night.

This is what it says: "Moisturize your over-worked hands with Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream. Kissed with Argan & Rose Hip Oil to provide natural anti-aging and healing properties, this rich, non-greasy cream leaves your hands feeling soft and revived. "

 I honestly believe that this product lives up to it's promise. I will be buying this lotion from now on, this sample review has made me a true customer of this product.

 Would you like to review free samples? you can check it out here: Swaggable
Here is the link  to my review on the site : Review

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